Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 18th January 2023 Written Update: Alifi brings poison to kill Simsim

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 18th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hasan looking at Ali and thinks if Ali looks at Bala’s eyes then he will turn into a stone. Bala attacks Ali with her power and his mask gets removed. He somehow hides his face again and hides behind a stone. Hasan gets scared and Ali waits for the right chance to attack Bala. She searches for him and Ali cuts off her tail. She screams in pain and before he could attack her again she pushes him away. Ali falls down and Hasan comes in between. Hasan turns into a stone when Bala looks at him. There Simsim asks the thieves where is Ali? Thief says he is still in Bala’s cave and Simsim orders them to drag Ali’s dead body to her if he is found dead. She will snatch the gem from him. There Ali uses his sword strategically and Bala screams in anger. She tries to turn him into a stone but she gets the taste of her own medicine when the sword reflects her own face and she ends up being a stone. Simsim tells the thief to check inside the cave to see whats happening. She says he is Mustafa’s son and he should not be alive.

Thieves think they won’t spare Ali as he troubled them a lot. Alifi walks on street and misses Ali. She thinks he has to come back soon as his family needs him, Simsim is applying black magic on them and tortured Dadi. She is trying to save them but he should be here too. Hasan gets delighted seeing he is alright and turned into a human again. He also gets surprised seeing Bala is dead. Ali says he returned the favour to him nothing else. He says he has to leave now to which Hasan says he trusts him more than anything now. He will accompany him in every battle.

Alifi comes to Dadi and apologises to her for leaving her alone. She says she will do something to save her family from Simmi Jaan. She takes the blue antidote which can kill the evil entity. She says she will use it to kill Simmi Jaan now. Ali and Hasan head towards an Ashram. Ali says his aim is to turn the puppets into humans again. He will start the process there. They both hear footsteps and Ali gets alert. They find the thieves coming towards them. Thieves tell Ali that he got saved from Bala but they won’t let him live. They attack him and he defeats them bravely. Hasan mocks the thieves saying Ali killed Bala sometimes ago and now they should run away as they will be defeated for sure. There Simsim orders the thieves to kill Ali at any cost and suck out his soul from his body. Alifi falls down and the blue antidote drops. It goes near Simsim’s feet and Alifi gets shocked.

There the thieves are about to stab Ali but one magical power saves him. Thieves wonder why Ali is not getting affected by their attack. Simsim keeps asking them if Ali is dead or not. Alifi tries to pick up the bottle of the poison but Simsim finds it. She asks Alifi if it’s a perfume? Alifi gets afraid and nods. She leaves and thinks she has to kill Simmi Jaan and she won’t lose hope. There Ali and Hasan reach the Ashram. Ali finds the monks injured and learns thieves are responsible for their situation. They attacked the monks. Ali says he will take revenge from the thieves. He then shows the gem to Monk which he got from Bala. Monk praises him for his great work and he did the unthinkable by killing Bala. Ali takes blessings from him and he says the owner of the sword is Ali only.

Precap- Monk says Ali’s face is now okay and he can remove the cover from his face. The whole world will see Ali’s new face. New Ali looks at himself.

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