Ali Baba-Dastaan-e-Kabul 1st November 2022 Written Update: Ali gets into a fight with Shifazan

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali saying but his knife can kill her before she can think of anything. He teaches her the fighting skills and also tells her to be cautious enough to take a quick action else her enemy will attack her. He holds the knife near her neck and says like that she can give a cruel death to her enemy and also can kill him at once. He touches her neck and Fatima sees that. She feels jealous and thinks Mariam is trying to get close to him. Mariam waits for the right chance to kill Saddam. Nafi tells the other kids that Mariam is not leaving their house and Ali is doing all the works instead of her. Poya’s magic didn’t work at all. Imad makes a noise by which they can call someone for help. Mariam hears that.

Poya thinks the Babaji fooled him. Mariam wakes up at midnight after the kids are asleep. She goes to kill Saddam at Aman Sarai. Hakim also looks for Poya and Ali. Poya argues with the Babaji that his magic didn’t work and he gives back the Taabiz to Babaji. He says he will not accept Babaji’s condition too. He tries to leave but Hakim comes there. He tries to catch Poya but Alifi throws a heavy thing at his head to save Poya.

Hakim thinks where did Poya go? Mariam observes Saddam in Aman Sarai. Shifazan catches Alifi and Imad. He possesses them and their eyes turn blue. He tells them to look for the Talisman. He thinks of using them for his purpose. Ali comes to check the medicines Shifazan is giving the kids. He sees they are same which Mirwaiz used to give. Then what Shifazan is doing.

Ali hides hearing footsteps. Shifazan brings possessed Alifi and Imad inside. Ali decides to collect proofs against him to save the Parbaaz kids. Shifazan enters the room alone and looks at his magical stone. He says this is only helping him to possess the kids and Ali observes that. Mariam keeps eyes on Saddam, she imagines that she is going near him and she cuts his neck with knife after shouting his name. Her dream ends and she thinks she cant kill him impulsively, she has to first meet him in private.

Imad and Alifi search for the Talisman in the room and Nazia asks them what are they finding? She shouts at them and Alifi makes her unconscious. Nafi gets shocked seeing that. Nafi scolds Alifi for hitting an elder as Ali didn’t teach them all that. Imad and Alifi behave strange and they push away Nafi. Alifi says she was annoyed by Nazia so she hit her. Nafi thinks what happened to Alifi and Imad suddenly.

Imad also pushes him and he thinks why he has become so powerful. Alifi and Imad leave. Mariam comes in disguise of a maid and locks Yazud in a washroom. She goes near Saddam with a knife. She can’t resist but stabbing him and then Baizaad asks her who is she? Why she is holding knife. There Shifazan gets human smell and he throws a knife at Ali. Ali hides from him.

Precap- Ali gets shocked on finding Alifi and Imad are possessed. He tries to find a way to cure them. Mariam helps him.