Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 20th December 2022 Written Update: Ali meets Mustafa’s divine soul

Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 20th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Poya getting nervous thinking how would he manage everything if Ali leaves. Ali gives him courage to handle it like a man in the house. He tells Poya to lie to others that he has gone for some urgent work. Poya hugs him and tells him to come back soon. Ali keeps the talisman locket safely in a box and leaves. Zamrud’s wife cries saying her husband is after another lady. Ali’s kids give her strength and Poya says he will manage everything as Ali gave him the responsibility. Kids meet Salma and Poya suggests her to leave Zamrud alone. Salma asks their names and attacks them to take revenge of their previous act. Zamrud comes and Salma starts her acting that kids beat her. Zamrud scolds Ali’s kids and says he will complain against them to Ali. Zamrud says he will make juice for Salma. Kids leave the place.

Saddam thinks their father is not present and if the orphan kids trouble him again then he will kill them directly. Dadi cautions Ali not to go to that different world of magic as most of the time they don’t come back. Ali says he has no option left and to know the secret to kill the thieves he has to go there. He goes inside the door and sees magical doors everywhere. He gets confused and decides to check by opening them one by one. He gets lost in the place and comes back to same place again and again. Ali’s kids talk about Zamrud’s stupid act. Poya says why he has gone crazy for the new woman Salma. Mariam wonders who can be that lady. If she is here for some purpose. Nafi says he found some similarities between Saddam and Salma. They were showing same kind of signal.

Ali gets worried thinking he is running out of the time. He says but he should not stop trying. He will get the clue for sure. Mustafa’s soul appears and Ali gets surprised seeing him. Mustafa says they were destined to meet each other in this different world. He says Ali needs to find the Noor to defeat the thieves. Ali says he wants to go out with Mustafa and wants to stay with him. Mustafa says Ali should leave this world before sunset as this place is dangerous for him. Mustafa disappears when Ali pleads him go with him. Ali sees some huge walls are coming towards him to kill him. Stones fall near him and he somehow saves himself. Mustafa appears and says magic is inside Ali and he has to realise it first then only he will become successful.

Precap- Dadi worries for Ali and the latter gets stuck around a ring fire. Mariam meets Salma in disguise. Salma greets her.

The episode starts with Mariam telling Ali that he gave her life a new meaning so he should never feel he is unimportant in her life. She is about to leave but he stops her. He says she became really mature and strong than before. He is amazed by her words. He touches her hair and they share an eye lock. Someone calls Mariam and she leaves. Ali thinks he will meet Mariam being savior and wont reveal his identity. He meets his kids and they go to distribute blankets to poor people for cold. Ali gets happy seeing their helpful nature. They say that they are orphans so they understand the need of the poor people. Ali solves Mustafa’s riddle that the orphanage is his house only where his orphan kids stay. It was also built by Mustafa. He searches for the next clue in the house and finally finds blue door after sometime.

He opens the door but sees nothing inside. He thinks if he made a mistake in solving the riddle. He turns back and there Mariam waits for the saviour. She says if she made a mistake by trusting him. But she needs saviour’s help to kill Saddam and to save the Parbaaz people. Saddam thinks due to the thieves he is hiding despite being a Sultan. He thinks he will find the magician and then he will reach Mariam as well. He asks a man about the magician saying he wants to see his magic. But the man insults him which angers Saddam. Saddam says he will punish the latter on right time. Mariam searches for the saviour in the market and there Saddam sees Ali’s kids holding food items.

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