Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Ali defeats the thieves with his magic

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali hearing the royal bell sound. He senses danger for his kids and decides to go to Parbaaz. Thieves try to find out who rang the bell. Ali’s kids hide from the thieves and thieves encounter Mariam and Kartar. Mariam gets shocked seeing the thieves and thinks she has to save Kartar and herself from them if she wants to defeat Saddam. Before she can run away, the thieves capture her and Ali’s kids. Mariam tells the kids to stay away but in vain. Dajjal tortures the people in Parbaaz and Mariam asks him his motive is not to kill them else he would have done that long time ago but he is doing it for a purpose. What is that? Dajjal says he wants that person who has the talisman. Till then he will keep torturing the people. People say that they don’t have idea who has the talisman. Khusro warns Dajjal not to hurt innocent people. He tells Dajjal to free him and he will not spare the thieves.

Dajjal shuts him up and frees Mariam. He orders her to beat Khusro with hunter brutally. She refuses to do that and Dajjal gives pain to the people again to blackmail her. Mariam tells him not to hurt the kids. Khusro asks Mariam to hit him as they have no choice left. Mariam starts beating Khusro with hunter, everyone prays for the magician to come for their rescue. Mariam feels bad for Khusro and the latter screams in pain. Ali appears in Parbaaz and hears his scream. He thinks what the thieves are doing here? He sees Mariam beating Khusro.

Khusro faints and Mariam starts crying seeing his state. Ali is in tough spot thinking what he should do now? If he gives the talisman to thieves then they will destroy the world with it. But if he doesnt give them the talisman then they will kill the people. Parbaaz people plead the thieves saying they really don’t have any information about the magician. Dajjal doesn’t believe that, stones start falling over them. Thieves assume that it must be the magician’s act. Ali comes in disguise and hides his face. He prevents the thieves from attacking with his magic but he feels he can’t stop them for long. Thieves attack him back and he falls. They threaten him to take the talisman else they will kill the Parbaaz people. Ali shows them the locket and demands freedom of his people at first.

Dajjal tries to kill Ali but the latter disappears. Thieves try to find him and he thinks they are fool. But Dajjal catches him with his power. Thieves say that he can’t save anyone, Parbaaz people try to motivate Ali saying he has to get up for their sake. He has to defeat the devils. Thieves say that Ali is weak and the humans are slaves for them. Ali tries to get up and people call him their protector. He applies the magic and creates storm in the sky. Thieves can’t see anything due to that, Ali wishes to get the electrical power which only nature can provide. He gets it and finds it difficult to control it. He uses his full strength and makes the thieves lose. Everyone witnesses that.

Precap- Ali tries sending the thieves back to cave but an arrow comes towards him and he gets captured again.

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