Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 24th November 2022 Written Update: Mariam and the kids get worried for Ali

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali fighting the thieves with all his strength. He kills one thief and Parbaaz people cheer him up. He then tries to destroy all the thieves and there Mariam frees the kids from the net. Ali helps her. Mariam feels like she knows him. Ali sends back the thieves to cave with his magic. In the end Ali feels choked and leaves. Simsim waits for the thieves and they appear there. She gets shocked seeing Dajjal lying dead. She thinks it means the magician has started understanding the power of talisman. She shouts at the thieves that who killed Dajjal, it’s not possible. She asks about the talisman angrily.

Ali wishes to get rid of the choking sensation. Parbaaz people call him as their protector as he saved them. Thieves explain to Simsim how Ali attacked them, Simsim hurts all of them with her magic angrily. She loses her calm saying if there’s delay in getting the talisman then the magician will learn the real power of talisman. He will start controlling it and they will never get it back. She orders the thieves to get it at any cost from Ali. She screams in anger. Mariam gives medicine to Zarifa, Kartar asks her if they all know about her true identity. Mariam says they all know her as Marjina. She didn’t tell them the truth yet. Mariam apologises to Khusro for beating him. Khusro says he is strong, kids wonder why Ali didn’t come to them yet. Alifi says for the first time Ali didn’t respond to the royal bell sound. They assume if Ali is stuck in some trouble. Mariam thinks if he is in danger due to the storm. She says they should not think bad but she believes Ali is safe. He will be back. Ali wakes up and he is lying on street. He notices the people around him are looking like giants compared to his size. He recalls he told the talisman to free him from the choking sensation thus he became like a lilliput. He is about to get back to his normal self but the locket gets lost. He saves himself from the giant like men. He sees the talisman is floating on drain water. He rushes to take it from the water. He rides on a dry leaf and goes after the talisman on the water.

Ali says he has to get back the talisman locket else he can’t become like before. The talisman goes out of his sight. He decides to take Mariam and his kids’ help. He wonders how they will notice him as he became small. He finds a way out, there Mariam goes out to search for him with his kids. Parbaaz people cry due to the ruined condition of their houses. Mariam feels upset thinking where is Ali. He walks on road and observes Mariam hugging Poya and Nafi. He calls them loudly but they can’t hear him. Poya gets emotional thinking about Ali and feels his presence near him. Ali calls him repeatedly that he is standing near him but noone is hearing him. He calls Mariam as well but she is unable to hear. He says he needs her help to get the talisman. Mariam controls her tears and consoles the kids saying Ali will return soon. She leaves with the kids.

Precap- Ali overhears Kartar and Mariam’s talk. Kartar calls her as Sehzaadi and Ali wonders who is he. He gets shocked to know about her identity

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