Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 25th November 2022 Written Update: Ali gets frustrated

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 25th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali calling Mariam. He saves himself from some men who are about to step on him. Some veggies roll over and come towards him. He escapes somehow. He takes ride on goats and goes to a field. He says he somehow wants to reach Mariam but the goat moves and he falls on grass. He gets hurt and wakes up. He gets frustrated thinking where is the talisman. He goes further and hears someone is crying. He notices Mariam is sitting and crying alone. He gets happy to see her and he calls her for help. Kartar comes to console Mariam. Ali wonders who is he? He thinks Kartar talks like Hindu. Kartar offers water to Mariam and some water falls on Ali. He gets drenched completely. He fails to hear their conversation due to blocked ears. Mariam says sorry to Kartar as he is facing all these, she brought him here to make weapons. Kartar says he knows her good intentions and he will never forget she freed him from cell.


Kartar says they will have to face danger in coming days. Mariam says she knows. She adds she can’t forget Ali’s contributions, how he helped her always. He is messiah for her so they have to find him. Kartar says he can understand her. Ali feels proud that Mariam thinks so high about him. He calls her again and again to get her attention but she can’t hear him. Kartar and Mariam discuss about the thieves’s effect on Parbaaz. Kids are still in trouble, Mariam tries to find out how to find out Ali. Ali thinks he doesn’t have the talisman so how will he be able to save his kids from thieves in this tiny shape.

Ali notices a spider is coming towards him. He gets scared seeing his huge size. He runs away from it and hides. He says being tiny is so troubling. He thinks how to get back to his normal self again. Poya keeps on telling the other kids that he feels Ali is around them in Parbaaz. Alifi says then why Ali didn’t come to them even after hearing the bell sound. Nafi says Ali is not here so Poya should stop assuming things. Kids hope that Ali will be back.

Simsim says they have to ruin the hope of the Parbaaz people. They will stop trusting their saviour. She wants to kill all of them to invoke fear in the magician. She calls a devil named Fakir. She orders the devil to kill the Parbaaz people. Ali walks on street and finds some snacks on street. He starts eating and a man drops a sharp thing on him by mistake. Ali saves himself luckily. Khusro talks to his friend about Ali and get worried. Ali sees them and calls Khusro loudly but they fail to hear him. Ali sits upset and gets bad thoughts that maybe he will be in this shape forever. He won’t be able to hug his children. He says he is nothing without the talisman but if he doesn’t get it then what will happen. He shouts at Ali is not dead, he will be back again. Next day Ali notices the big snake coming to Parbaaz sent by Simsim. He thinks maybe its Simsim’s plan to harm the people in Parbaaz.

Precap- Poya is about to eat Ali with the bread but the latter shouts his name. Poya finally hears him and gets shocked. Ali informs him about the dangerous snake who entered Parbaaz to kill people. He has to do something. Simsim says the magician will appear again seeing the death of his people.

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