Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 29th October 2022 Written Update: Ali decides to defeat the Hakim

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 29th October 2022 Written Update on

Kasim taking Ali’s kids to the new hakim. Hakim smirks and recalls how he captured the previous kids. Crowd get excited seeing him and he locks the door. Kasim tells the kids to wait. Kasim gets into an argument with the men and tells them to stand behind him as it’s his turn to see the hakim first for check up. Those men refuse to listen to him and Kasim says he made a deal with the hakim and they both will open a hospital soon. People out there scream to get the hakim’s attention first. Hakim tells them to calm down and he will treat everyone one by one. Ali notices him and thinks he will do the same thing with all the kids he did before. Ali decides to stop all that and spreads smoke in that place. The crowd gets messed up and leave the place. Poya falls down and struggles to get up. Shifazan looks at him and thinks finally he found him. He holds Poya’s hand tightly and Ali observes Hakim. He throws a wood at him but the latter catches it before it hits him.

Ali thinks how could he catch it like that, he seems a devil. He then sees Poya and gets shocked. He runs towards him and pushes away Shifazan. He rescues Poya and leaves hurriedly. Shifazan thinks where did they disappear. He assumes surely the magician has saved Poya. Mariam reaches Amal Sarai and thinks she has the royal coin and hopefully she will find Daragazi here soon. Saddam comes there in disguise and talks to Yazud. He says if Yazud fails to find Mariam this time then he will kill the latter. Mariam recognises Saddam and gets shocked. She feels Saddam is searching for her in disguise. She recalls all the past mishap and her promise to take back the throne from Saddam.

Mariam says she can’t wait for Daragazi to arrive but she will attack Saddam right now. She will show him how powerful she is. She heads towards Saddam with a heavy thing to hit him. Mariam bumps into a person and drops the heavy thing. She hides her face from Saddam and the latter goes to a room to get some rest in Parbaaz. Mariam says he won’t get saved for a long time. Ali takes his kids back home and checks their eyes if they are also possessed by the Hakim. He sees they are fine, he asks about Gulrez’s health and he instructs them to stay home. He cautions them not to go out to see the Hakim. Alifi says but if Kasim tells them then what? Ali says they will not obey Kasim and they will safely stay at home. Kids go to their room and Nazia asks Ali about Mariam, as many works are pending. Ali tells her not to take stress. He wonders where is Mariam.

Mariam fumes in anger and she is about to get bitten by a scorpion but one man saves her. He suggests her to be careful and advises her to kill it before it harms her. Mariam thinks he is right, she won’t wait but she will end Saddam’s chapter. She gathers courage. Ali prepares himself to defeat Shifazan as he is turning the kids into evils. He gives the responsibility to his friends to help Mariam find her people if he can’t come back safely. His friends tell him not to think negative. Mariam gets emotional hearing that. Ali practices the sword fighting skills and Mariam comes to him. She says she wants to learn that from him too. He tells her but she can’t do that, she says she can and she will. He asks her who is she? Mariam says she wants to know for future purpose. He asks how does she want to kill her enemy? She says she wants to torture the person and wants to hear his scream. She won’t kill him easily but will give him a painful death. She recalls how Saddam killed her father. Ali feels Mariam has some deepest sorrow inside her. He never saw her before like this.

Precap- Ali trains Mariam the fighting skills and how to kill a person with cruelty. Mariam goes to Saddam and shouts his name. She cuts off his head

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