Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 4th November 2022 Written Update: Fatima plans to capture Ali

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim saying how the Talisman other half will come to the cave. She says Ali will bring that to cave himself. Ali jumps off the cliff and wishes to go to his kids. Magic works. Simsim notices the shine on Iblis’s Talisman. Ali falls on the table in his house and gets shocked seeing his kids in the get up of ghosts. They talk about Halloween. Saddam tells Baizaad that it’s Mariam only who tried to kill him, he feels stupid thinking how could he not recognise her. He should have killed her. Yazood assures Saddam that he will bring Mariam to him. Saddam feels proud of him and asks him to drag Mariam to him as soon as possible. Kids scare each other in the ghost’s get attire and say that they won’t get ready like thieves as they are enemies.

Mariam asks about Saddam to a person but learns he left. She thinks she again lost the chance to kill him but she will not give up. Yazood bribes the person for giving Mariam’s information to him. Yazood follows Mariam who asks people about the royal coin. Yazood thinks what she is trying to know from people. Daragazi asks Zorawar about a beautiful girl who was walking on royal street. He doesn’t take Mariam’s name and Zorawar says there are many girls here, he can’t name one. Daragazi says she talks poliety. Some kids ask Zorawar to give some money to them. Their scary looks make Zorawar afraid as hell and he runs away. Daragazi thinks if Sehzaadi is in Mamuli Gully. Mariam turns back hearing some noise and Yazood hides seeing her.

Yazood says he will take her to Saddam and she will get tortured. Ali shares his experience with Dadi that it happened near the river only and not everywhere. He gives an example in front of her by calling Poya. He says why the magic didn’t work here. Dadi says magic never dies, it passes on to others. Ali has gotten the magical power so he can kill the thieves. He is born for a special purpose. He thinks Dadi’s predictions came true always and maybe now also she is right. Simsim reveals how tonight Iblis was born and Ali will feel attracted towards the cave. He will come here with the Talisman other half and she will take it from him. She will cut off his head then. Ali thinks if tonight he will face the thieves.

Mariam thinks Daragazi is looking for her maybe. She and Ali bump into each other. They sense each others’ hidden issues. Mariam asks him why he looks worried. He asks her about her issue. She tells him to choose one finger and she loses. He thinks he feels a connection with her in such a small span of time. He thinks if he can tell her about magic. She is about to tell him her real identity but Fatima comes to meet him and faints. Ali lifts her up and takes her home. Mariam thinks if it’s a plan of Fatima to trap Ali. Yazood plans to catch Mariam. There Fatima stops Ali from leaving her house. She says noone is home tonight so she is scared of loneliness. She spikes a drink and thinks of making Ali drunk so that she captures him completely. Simsim does the magic and a power gets inside Ali. Ali gets possessed and leaves the place. Simsim says Ali will come to Iblis now.

Precap- Simsim tells Iblis that the magician is coming and they both will rule over Kabul again. Thieves congratulate Simsim as Ali is finally in cave.

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