Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 7th November 2022 Written Update: Mustafa helps Ali to protect him from Simisim

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim taking away the locket from Ali but it disappears in her hand. She gets mad at him and then she removes his face cover. Ali’s face is invisible which shocks the thieves and Simsim. They wonder where is the magician. Ali’s reflection disappears and Simsim shouts that she got betrayed and someone fooled them. She recalls Mustafa’s words that he is smarter than her. Mariam hugs Daragazi and breaks down to tears. Ali wakes up near sacks and an unknown light saves him. Ali feels his father’s presence and calls him being happy.

Daragazi applies ointment on Mariam’s wounds and she recalls how she killed Yajood. Daragazi advises her to leave with him to make the preparations for defeating Saddam and forty thieves. Mariam says she doesn’t want to leave Parbaaz but she can’t leave Ali and his people alone when he was there for her in problem. It’s his duty to help him fight the thieves. She asks Daragazi to bring her people here to start preparing for defeating Saddam. Daragazi agrees and then he gives her Sultan’s sword. She says she doesn’t have the aura to handle such a big responsibility for now but she is ready to defeat Saddam. She feels confident.

Ali comes to Mariam and he reveals to her that he can do magic as his father was also a magician. He shares his experience with her and she says if he is telling the truth then he can do magic. Ali says but he can’t do it all the time, it happens near river only. He calls for Sehzaadi but magic doesn’t work. Mariam reminds him of the place when they got saved from Herat’s people. Sand storm also appeared near the river. She says something is special about that river where his magic works.

Ali’s friends ask him why he didn’t pay attention to him when he was showing Ali the map. Ali gets delighted to see the map by which he can reach the rainbow. Thieves question Simsim who can outsmart them when it’s next to impossible. Simsim says only Mustafa had that divine power but Iblis killed him then now who can be as powerful as he was. He says Mustafa’s blood will have the power only. Ali tells his friends to live in the present, what if this moment doesn’t come again. He dances with them and enjoys having food. Ali dances enthusiastically and Mariam wonders why he is acting like he is going for a tough mission and anything might happen to him there. Mariam says she will accompany him to find the rainbow. He assures his friends that he will take them to that place. He continues to enjoy with them and then thinks he can’t put his loved ones in danger so he will leave without informing them.

Simsim decodes that Zumma Bazaar is connected to all these incidents. She thinks Ali must be Mustafa’s son and thus he can do magic. She orders the thieves to find Mustafa’s son and snatch the Talisman from him. They can even kill him to get that.

Precap- Ali utters khul ja Simsim and the cave opens. Mariam learns from a saint Ali will die today.

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