Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 8th November 2022 Written Update: Ali gets into trouble

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the man narrating Iblis’s story. Khusro compares himself with thief. Ali likes the story and says if he can be dead then the forty thieves are nothing in front them. He will defeat the thieves too using his tactics. Ali thanks the man for the good story narration. He shows them the fireworks in the sky. Mariam leaves the place in order to find her people. Her soldier says he will signal her when the right time will come. Mariam decides to spend time with Ali and the kids before leaving Parbaaz. Zorawar notices her and thinks he will learn what Mariam is hiding.

Khusro eats laddoo and misses his family in India. The businessmen ask him if he is from India. Khusro says how he ended up in Kabul and Ali helped him at every point. He will never forget his favour. He says his real name is Kishore and he is hiding his identity here. Ali there forces the doctor to show some magic to people to entertain them. Doctor denies but he still shows magic by changing the color of the water. Thief bumps into Poya and the latter gets angry at him. Thief gets shocked seeing him. Poya disappears due to crowd and thief also goes to see who is the magician. He thinks the doctor is the magician then whom he will catch. Zorawar looks for Mariam and wonders where did she go.

Ali asks the Doctor the trick he used to fool people by calling it a magic. Ali explains how Doctor did that and Fatima is not convinced. She says she doesn’t believe in this. Ali says magic doesn’t exist, it’s just a trick which fools people. That also proves he is not a magician. Fatima gets angry and leaves. Khurram and Baizaad search for the magician in the Parbaaz. Ali goes behind Fatima and tries to convince her saying he didn’t mean to hurt her but he had no choice but proving magic is not real. She should also accept that. Fatima says he is spending so much time to prove that he is not a magician but he should give this time to learn the magic tricks. He says he will never leave her alone as he knows how to convince his true love. He gives her a rose and finally convinces her with sweet words. Ali notices Mariam’s dress is about to catch fire so he saves her from the fire. He asks where she is lost? She says she got distracted and she was helping the kids. Ali also enjoys with them later and Mariam feels upset seeing them. She says she won’t be able see him after tonight. But she hopes they will again meet each other.

Thief goes behind the doctor to catch him. The doctor aka Mariam’s soldier waits for her so that he can leave with her immediately. Zorawar follows Mariam and Ali’s two kids sense some kind of danger. They think of saving Mariam from Zorawar as he doesn’t have good intentions.

Precap- Kasim gets tortured by the thieves and they ask him about the Talisman. Simsim looks at Ali’s locket and smirks

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