Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 9th January 2023 Written Update: Simsim learns Mustafa is Kasim’s father

Ali Baba Dastaan-e-Kabul 9th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim forcing Dadi to reveal the truth but Nafi comes there. Nafi questions her what she has done to Dadi. Nafi says he will expose her to other kids. He runs away but Simsim locks Dadi first and then she makes him fall down. She applies magic on Nafi due to which he ends up near her everytime. He gets shocked seeing her reality. He gets scared and reaches Alifi and Poya being tired. Simsim keeps hand on Nafi’s shoulder and hypnotizes him. Nafi forgets what he was about to tell. He lies to Alifi and Poya that Simmi Jaan saw Dadi was going out last night.

Poya asks Simsim what she saw. Simsim says Dadi was going to a holy place to pray. Later she reads Nafi’s mind and asks him to tell what is the relationship between Mustafa and Noora Dadi. There Saviour says even after performing the ritual they couldn’t turn the puppets into humans again. Monk advises him to find out the solution to defeat the black shadow. Nothing is impossible in this world. There Poya interrupts while Simsim tries to know the connection between Mustafa and Dadi. Poya says Nafi has no idea as he is a kid. Simsim gets pissed. There Abdali announces the wrestling match in the Parbaaz. He says whoever will be able to defeat him can get Simmi Jaan. Abdali mocks Zamrud for trying to take part in this old age. Khusro and Garifa fight over Simmi Jaan belongs to whom. Khusro challenges Abdali that he will make him lose easily and the latter will get jealous seeing him with Simmi Jaan. Abdali makes fun of him and then defeats him saying he is expert at wrestling since he was young. Khusro falls down and then he brings out a knife to scare Abdali. He makes Abdali’s pant fall off. Abdali gets embarassed and he attacks Khusro angrily. Khusro and everyone laugh at him which angers him. Abdali says he will take revenge from Khusro. Simmi Jaan only belongs to him.

Nazia comes and orders the kids to get back to work immediately. She tells Simsim to do household chores too. Simsim thinks Nazia might know something about Mustafa and Dadi. She asks who is Mustafa? Nazia replies they stay in his house only. Simsim gets delighted to know that. There Saviour decodes from where the Shadow came? He recalls Dajjal, Fakri and Shadow who tried to harm the parbaaz people. He says he might get his answers in Simsim’s cave. Iblis is related to everything maybe whom Mustafa killed. Nazia tells Simsim to clean the kitchen utensils and to arrange the clothes. Simsim does it within seconds and Nazia gets shocked.

Nazia says Simsim is like a magician. She says she will give Simsim two coins if she does all work. Simsim then asks her about Dadi’s relation with Mustafa. She heard Dadi is a brave woman. Nazia says Dadi is Mustafa’s mother which shocks Simsim. Simsim then sees Kasim’s picture and Nazia says Mustafa helped others but didn’t leave anything for his sons. Simsim thinks it means she will soon find the magician here.

Precap- kids try to stop the Saviour from leaving. Poya says he is their everything why he is leaving.

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