Ali Baba- Dastaan-E-Kabul 9th November 2022 Written Update: Ali starts believing in magic

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali recalling the magical spell and enters Simsim’s cave. He finds the treasure and gets stunned. He recalls how in his childhood Mustafa told him that the real treasure is above the cave. Thieves surround Kasim, and ask him about the Talisman other half as he is Mustafa’s son. Kasim says he has no idea what they are talking about. He doesn’t have the gem. Thieves say his father stole it from Iblis. Kasim says he looks rich but he is not rich. He lives in Mamuli Gully and if they are trying to take money from him then they will be disappointed only. Kasim is about to leave but one thief scares him showing sword. Ali sees inside the cave and feels startled. He prays for his loved ones’ safety if anything happens to him. Thieves keep on asking Kasim about the Talisman but the latter can’t tell anything. One thief is about to cut off his head but Simsim signals him to come back to cave. Simsim freezes Ali and tells the thieves that she found the magician and the person they surrounded, doesn’t have the Talisman. Thieves obey her and leave Kasim alone. Kasim feels relieved.


Mariam cries for Ali and thinks where would she find him? Simsim smirks at Ali and says before he dies she wants to see his face for the last time. Ali’s face is covered. She creates a storm inside the cave and Ali wonders how come storm appeared. One saint meets Mariam saying if she is searching for Ali Baba. She says yes and he reveals Ali is in danger and tomorrow he will die. He clears out the fact that the old Ali will die and new Ali will be born. Mariam is surprised to know that. Saint adds Ali will write a new history today. Simsim comes out in front of Ali and the latter feels like he saw her before too. Simsim says he has to pay for what he did. He troubled her a lot. She attacks him with magic and Ali saves himself somehow. Iblis’s talisman gets united with Ali’s talisman locket. Simsim gets shocked to see that. She says that is impossible. Ali gets some power in him and he defeats Simsim being unaware. He notices furious Simsim and decides to run away from there before she attacks him again. He starts running and she chases him.

Thieves also enter the cave and rush towards Ali to attack him. Mariam feels Ali has found himself today. His friends come to her and ask her about Ali. Mariam says he will probably reach Parbaaz so they should be there else he will suspect them. They leave for Parbaaz. Ali wishes to go to Parbaaz to save himself from the thieves. Magic works and he disappears. Simsim and thieves get shocked to witness that. Simsim says how can a common magician fool her and leave with both the Talisman parts. She screams in anger.

Ali finds himself in Parbaaz and thinks has he become magician just because Mustafa’s blood is in him? He applies magic on a cloth and wishes it to turn into red. It happens which surprises him. He gets happy.

Precap- Ali applies magic and turns a horse into a young boy. He gives biriyani to Zarifa with magic. He gifts something to Mariam and the latter confronts him if he learned magic. He looks on

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