Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Undekha: Iblis’s sinister plan; backstabs Simsim for Marjina?

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Sab TV show Ali Baba Ek Andaaz Undekha will witness a shocking twist very soon. The show revolves around Ali trying to fight against Simsim and Iblis.


Previously we have seen that, Baba’s daughter Tahira convinces Hatim to help Ali to defeat Iblis. They both decide to set out to find the answers. Iblis finds Hatim ‘s world using Simsim’s powers and leaves to find him. Roshni gets worried for Ali. Hatim says Baba that someone is trying to enter their place. Ali and Tahira also feels it and Ali asks if it’s common here .

Tahira says it’s new for her too. Baba says that only Roshni and Iblis know about their universe and Roshni is in captured by Iblis. They finds it’s Iblis and Iblis appears in front of them. Iblis kills Baba but Hatim takes Tahira and Ali to find the answers to defeat Iblis in order to honour Baba’s dying wish. Iblis also got aware of Hatim and Ali’s relationship. Hatim says Ali that they need to find the answers for the seven questions and only after that they could find the magical key to defeat Iblis.

Ali says that he’s ready to do anything to end Iblis. As they venture out to find the seven answers, Ali gets possessed by evil spirit through a jacket he wore. He attacks Hatim and tries to kill himself but Hatim saved him using Roshni’s stone. Ali and Hatim search for the way to remove the jacket. Simsim gets doubtful of Iblis actions as he prohibits her getting close to him.

Roshni learns that Ali’s family except Marjina are alive and is working as slaves for Iblis. Ali tries to kill himself and asks Hatim to make sure to kill Iblis. Hatim says that he needs to be alive to defeat Iblis. Ali and Hatim fight to sacrifice each other’s lives. Ali says that it’s his mistake and he should bear the brunt of it and about to skash himself to death. Hatim shouts no. The evil spirit relieves Ali from the curse seeing his friendship with Hatim.

Bhabhi curses Simsim to lose her most precious thing that she treasures. Iblis’s Shaitan captured Ali and takes him out of the seven question World. Though Ali manages to escape fro his hold he can’t back to the world after leaving once.

In the future episodes we will witness, Roshni feels that Ali is somewhere near her. Iblis comes in front of the chained person and it turns out to be Marjina. Iblis says that she’s the love of his life and he would not harm her. He says he would soon marry her and make her his wife. Marjina says that it’s not possible as Ali would definitely come back to kill him.

Will Ali defeat Simsim and Iblis?
Will someone help Ali in his fight?

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