Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 2nd June 2023 Written Update: Ali threatens Simsim using hallucination.

Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 2nd June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali removing the power taabis from the Shaitan and Roshni asks him to destroy it. As Ali is about to destroy Roshni, she finds the Shaitan about to attack Ali. The kids capture Lakees and Lakees understands that they were never in trance. He accuses Simsim for double crossing him and Iblis while Simsim asks the kids to lock Lakees until Ali comes back. Roshni gets hurt as she tries to save Ali while Ali defeats the Shaitan and traps him.


Ali comes back to Simsim with an injured Roshni. He says that he trapped the Shaitan. While the others take Roshni away to get her treated, Simsim says that they trapped Lakees Shaitan too. Ali says that soon the world would be free of Iblis’s hold. Just then they hear Iblis calling out for Simsim and Simsim gets shocked. Iblis holds Simsim’s neck and accuses her for betraying him. Simsim says he’s not Alif but Ali. She says that she stayed with him to end him for Iblis. Iblis says that she still betrayed him by lying about him but Simsim says she wanted to kill Ali.

Ali starts laughing and reveals that it’s not Shaitan but a veham. It’s revealed that Ali played with Simsim to find out her real intentions. Simsim asks him to not play such games with her again but Ali says he didn’t play but wanted to know her true face. Simsim covers it up saying that she only said whatever came in her mouth out of fear. Ali comes to Roshni and feels bad seeing her scar. Ali’s immense love for Roshni acts with holy heart and Roshni gets cured. Roshni says that it’s the power of his love. Nafi rushes there saying that Marjina fainted as the crystal is about to break.

Ali wonders how to save Marjina while Simsim says if the crystal breaks then Marjina won’t be alive. Roshni says they can save Marjina as now Ali has the power of all the 12 Shaitans with him and when it adds with Roshan Dil they can release Marjina. Roshni performs the ritual and Marjina comes out of the crystal while Ali gets happy.

Precap: Ali hugs Marjina and Marjina says that she became so close to him that now she don’t want to be away from him even for a second. All of a sudden she stabs his heart shocking Ali.

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