Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 30th May 2023 Written Update: Simsim plans to double cross everyone.

Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 30th May 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Marjina asking Simsim if she thinks that Iblis really loves her. She asks her to say the truth. Simsim hears some noise and gets angry seeing Nafi captured by Shaitan. The Shaitan asks Nafi to say who was with him as he found other footsteps but Nafi lies that none was with him. Roshni comes there and fights with the Shaitan but the Shaitan traps her in a magical net being well aware of her strong powers. He once again confronts Nafi why he went near Minar and Nafi lies that he tried escaping. Shaitan catches his lies and tries to kill him with his sword. Simsim thinks that she can’t let anything happen to Nafi as she’s answerable to Ali. She stops the Shaitan with Iblis name but the Shaitan mocks her saying that she not their Malika and can’t order them around. Two other Shaitans hold her.


The Shaitan is about to kill him but Ali comes on time and saves him. They both fight with each other when Roshni disappears holding both Ali and Nafi. However her trick didn’t work as the Shaitan uses the light to catch them. He’s about to kill them but Ali fights with him and captures him. Simsim also frees herself from Shaitans hold and kills them. Ali wants to leave with Roshni and kids but Simsim says they need to stay there else Iblis would get alerted. Roshni agrees with Simsim and assures Ali that they would be fine. Simsim asks Ali to go to her room as she has a surprise for him. Ali rightly guesses that it’s Marjina and rushes there.

Ali searches for Marjina and finds her trapped in a glass ball. Ali asks Simsim to free Marjina but Simsim says that it’s not possible as it’s bound by Iblis’s power. She says that it’s better that way as if she tries to break the glass then Marjina would suffer to breathe. She says that Iblis won’t harm Marjina as he plans to marry her. Ali dreams of being with Marjina and asks her forgiveness for not able to save. Simsim urges Ali to capture all the Shaitans of Iblis as the blue star comes close to the moon. Ali leaves saying good bye to Marjina. Simsim finds everyone working and thinks that they all are working to build the minar for her as she plans to take both Kaala Dil from Iblis and Roshan Dil from Ali and become superior to Iblis.

Simsim thinks that she wants to become the God of all the worlds and make Iblis regret for betraying her. Ali asks her what’s she planning and Simsim says that she has only one thing running in her mind and that’s the end of Iblis. Simsim says Ali that he should go to Jahnnun to capture the next Shaitan. Roshni fears that it’s dangerous to go there and asks whether they can’t skip that one Shaitan. Simsim says that half of Iblis’s power is with that Shaitan and it’s necessary for Ali to capture him. Ali agree to go Simsim but Roshni wants to accompany him too. Ali tries refusing as it’s dangerous but Roshni says that she has magic anklet that could help her hold on three years. Ali thinks that they need to capture the Shaitan in the small time .

Precap : Ali and Roshni come to Jahnun. The Shaitan appears in front of them and says that they would face the worst death in the world. Ali tries attacking him but Ali stands no chance in front of Janhun.

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