Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 5th June 2023 Written Update: Iblis learns about Simsim’s betrayal.

Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 5th June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali getting happy seeing Marjina safe. Marjina smiles at him. As Simsim watches, Marjina faints. Roshni says that Marjina and himself are tired and asks them to rest. Ali looks at sleeping Marjina while Nafi brings food for Ali. Ali is overwhelmed with their love. Nafi forwards food to him but Ali makes him have first bite. Ali and friends discuss Ali’s marriage. Roshni comes there and Ali gets emotional. Hatim speaks with him through the magic stone. Hatim greets his mother and says that Iblis is already there to get the Naya pattar. Ali asks him to make sure that Iblis doesn’t get his hand on the stone. Hatim says he would only come back with the stone nor will never come back. Roshni asks him to not say so and Hatim bids his goodbye. Ali asks if Hatim would succeed and Roshni says that Hatim has the power of truth with him.


Ali finds Marjina awake and hugs her but Marjina suddenly stabs him with a knife on his heart. It’s revealed that Marjina is none other than Iblis. Roshni and Simsim comes there and Iblis confronts Simsim for betraying her. Simsim says that he forced her to turn this way. Roshni tries to attack Iblis but she doesn’t have a chance before Iblis. Iblis arrests Roshni and Ali and orders to keep them separate. Simsim worries about what Iblis would do to her. Ali’s friends asks about Simsim and Ali says that as much as he knows Simsim she would have already joined hands with Simsim. Simsim dreams of Iblis burning her alive as her punishment.

Iblis comes there and asks Simsim the reason for betraying him whom she loved so much. Simsim says that it’s because he betrayed her by ditching her for Marjina. Iblis clears to her that he wanted to marry Marjina because he wants to sacrifice her for a ritual for the Minar. He says that he needs to sacrifice his wife for gaining the power and so he wanted to marry a Shezadi like Marjina. Simsim gets shocked hearing it and Iblis asks how could he betray her when he loves her. Simsim gets emotional with his words. She regrets for betraying him and wants to be punished immediately. Marjina is given food but she refuses to have it.

Precap : Iblis says Hatim that once the blue moon appears then he would rule the world and no one can stop him ,neither him nor his brother. He says that his brother Ali is dead. Iblis attacks Ali.

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