Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 7th June 2023 Written Update: Ali outsmarts Simsim and Iblis.

Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 7th June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roshni telling Ali that there’s a way to defeat Iblis. She asks him to go to the first minar that is built and asks him to use his Roshan Dil to combine it with his powers once the blue moon appears. Ali gives her water and leaves to go to Minar. Roshni turns towards Ali’s friends and reveals herself to be Simsim shocking them. She says that Ali is not going to minar but to his death and disappears. Marjina is worried that she would get married to Iblis and wonders how to stop it.


Roshni also worries about Ali and prays God to help Ali defeat Iblis. Hatim struggles a lot to get himself out of the chains but in vain. Simsim thinks that once Iblis gets what he wants them she would become Mallika E Shaitan. Marjina is brought to Iblis as Iblis gets ready to sacrifice the Shaitans. Simsim says Iblis that Ali would go to his death as he reaches Minar and says his bride is here. She says that she worried for nothing as Iblis is marrying her only to sacrifice her. Marjina mocks Iblis and Simsim is about to attack her. Iblis stops her saying that she herself can give her sacrifice after their wedding. He waits for Ali and Simsim says Ali would definitely come as he can’t ignore his mother. Marjina laughs and says that Ali’s plan starts at the place where their mind stops working.

It is revealed that Ali saw Simsim’s reflection in water and didn’t fall for her trick. Hatim plays his musical instrument and Ali reaches him. He asks Hatim for help and Hatim says that the only way to stop Iblis is by taking away his kaala Dil shocking Ali. Ali comes to Iblis and they gets shocked seeing him there. He reveals that he never got fooled by Simsim. Ali threatens Iblis to end his thoughts and life. Iblis asks if he’s aware about who he is fighting with. Iblis says that he would snatch his powers from him. Simsim asks him not to fall in Ali’s trap. Ali asks even if she doesn’t trust her own God. Iblis swears Ali to put an end to his hopes.

Iblis sends Simsim to make preparations for his wedding . He fights with Iblis and gets hold of his kaala Dil. He gives it to Marjina and asks her to run with it and Marjina starts running. Iblis falls down powerless. Marjina gets dragged by someone. As Ali is about to kill Iblis Simsim appears there with Roshni and Marjina and threatens to kill Roshni. Iblis gets back his kaala Dil and Simsim demands Ali to give his Roshan Dil. Ali has no option but agree .

Precap: Iblis takes Marjina and asks her to agree to marry him before Ali dies. Iblis and Simsim get shocked as the saathon ayam ki darwaze is opened.

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