Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 8th June 2023 Written Update: Iblis and Simsim gets follows by Hatim and Ali.

Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 8th June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roshni asking Ali to not give up on the Roshan Dil but Ali says he’s helpless. He asks Simsim to first release his mother as he doesn’t trust her. Simsim leaves Roshni. Hatim frees Ali’s allies and assigns them a job to help Ali. Nafi acts wise and retrieves the magical potli which Hatim asks him to get and reach the minar. Ali takes his Roshan Dil and gives it to Iblis and Simsim says Iblis that now he has both kaala Dil and Roshan Dil with him. Hatim comes in search of talisman to defeat Iblis and finds it protected by the most poisonous snake of Iblis.


Roshni asks Ali why he did so and Ali says that he didn’t have an option. Simsim says that the time has come for blue star to come near moon. As it passes by moon, the light falls on the Roshan Dil and the saathon ayam ki darwaze opens. Iblis says that the next step is to sacrifice Marjina and drags her to him. Simsim stops Ali and Roshni. Iblis drags Marjina towards him and both Iblis and Simsim force Marjina to marry Iblis or else threaten to kill Ali. Suddenly the saath avaam ki darwaze blasts and Iblis and Simsim get shocked. Iblis asks who did it when Hatim appears and says that it’s by him.

Everyone gets shocked seeing him having neela Dil. Ali asks what is neela Dil but Roshni has no idea about it. Hatim says that it’s neela Dil given by a fairy to him in saath savaalon ka jawaab world. He said that it’s the only power that could release the free super powers of both Roshan Dil and kaala Dil. Iblis angrily wants to fight with him but suddenly he suffers severe pain. Marjina reveals that he’s in pain because his kaala Dil is drenched in holy water. She recalls meeting Hatim on the way while running with the kaala Dil. Hatim reveals himself to her and says Ali saved him. Hayim says the plan that he would drench the kaala Dil with holy water and she should willingly surrender to Simsim.

Marjina reveals that Simsim didn’t capture get but she herself went in her trap do that Iblis would take back his kaala Dil. Ali says that both the brothers together would end Iblis today. Simsim tries attacking Ali but Nafi throws the magic potli to Ali. Ali catches it and cages Simsim. Hatim gives the talisman to Ali which he uses to kill Iblis. Simsim shouts in agony while everyone rejoice their victory. Roshni is proud of her sons. They find Simsim disappeared when a furious Simsim appears before and throws a knife at Ali to kill him but Hatim comes in the way. He gets stabbed while everyone gets shocked.

Precap : Simsim thinks that she needs to get the neela di at any cost and decides to find Hatim for it. Ali checks the magical question book to find where Simsim is. He gets shocked knowing where she is and rushes there. Simsim is before injured Hatim.

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