Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 9th June 2023 Written Update: Alivand everyone get their happy ending.

Ali Baba Ek Andaz Andekha 9th June 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali removing the knife off Hatim’s body. Before Ali could attack Simsim she escapes. Hatim doesn’t regret his as he would be alright soon. Ali is thinking about something when Marjina asks why he’s worried as Hatim would be alright soon. Ali says that he’s not thinking about him but says that he’s instead thinking about Simsim. He says many times Iblis got destroyed but every time Simsim found a way to revive him back. He says that it must not repeat and he’s sure that she would come for Hatim’s neela Dil .


Simsim as Iblis’s burnt body and says that every time when he got defeated she preserved his body to revive his life. She says that again she preserved his body but this time she burns his body. She says that Iblis is gone forever now and the only Shaitan who could rule the world now is her. She decides to first get the neela Dil from Hatim for it. Ali decides to kill Simsim first and is about to go with Roshni. Hatim wants to accompany them too but Ali stops him saying that he needs to protect neela Dil. Hatim gives his neela Dil to Roshni for her safety.

Roshni and Ali encounter Simsim but Simsim is powerful enough to throw them off her way. Roshni escapes from her and says Ali that they can only destroy Simsim once they find her jism. Ali reads the magical book and urges Roshni that they have to go immediately. Simsim comes to Hatim and finds him sleeping. She attacks him but finds that it’s a hallucination and Hatim arrests her in the place using powers fooling her. Ali and Roshni also comes there and they asks Simsim to wait there until they find her jism and destroy her.

Ali says the others that Simsim has protected her jism in four parts in four different elements which includes air, water, earth and fire. He sends Roshni to get the jism part from air, Marjina to water , Hatim to earth and he himself leaves to fire. Marjina asks how could they identify it. Ali gives her Simsim’s ring through which they could identify her jism. Roshni flies through magic carpet and finds her jism in a bird. She captures the bird. Marjina goes under water and finds the second part of jism in pearl and she told gets it.

Hatim finds the third part in a doll underground and manages to get hold of it before it closes. Finally,Ali gets the final jism from fire by using powers. They all reach Simsim and Roshni unites all the jism using her powers and sends it to Simsim. Once Simsim gets her body Ali destroys her using the talisman. Ali happily celebrates the victory as he hugs his family.
Show ends.

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