#AllAbout: Hot and Sizzling couple Manik and Nandini from Kaisi Yeh Yaarian!

Nandini and Manik after confessing the love each gave us many romantic and passionate performances that melted the fans heart.

They didn’t have a smooth start because Manik was arrogant and stubborn and Nandini wasn’t arrogant but equally stubborn. Their hate-love story started with Nandini joining Music College and gets to know about the FAB 5, who bullies the fresher’s. She was highlighted before FAB 5 after Navya and she saved Shahid from ending his life because of FAB 5.

After the incident FAB 5 started targeting Nandini and Navya. Nandini decides to fight back with the team and gives a befitting reply to them. When Manik and his friends started troubling Nandini more, a furious Nandini punched Manik in front of the college. Everyone gets shocked and the tashan between Nandini and Manik grow more. Manik threatens Nandin and ask her to fear him but Nandini sees a good side of Manik after he helped her brother.

Manik helped Rishabh on the music competition day. He stayed with Rishabh after he got an attack and tries calling Nandini. Busy with the competition Nandini ignored Manik’s call thinking he is trying to trap her for more trouble ahead. After the competition gets over Nandini comes to know about Manik. She learns that Manik stayed back for Rishabh and missed his performance. She goes to meet him at his house.

Nandini tells to Manik that she will tell to all about his caring and good nature. Manik threatens Nandini and ask her to shut her mouth and don’t reveal. But Nandini gets adamant and later, she leaves a note for him quoting he is no more a monster manik.

These incidents bring Nandini and Manik closer and the duos becomes one of the most loved couple of all time.

In the show Kaisi Yeh Yaarian; there were many Manik and Nandini’s moment. But amid the all; Manan were drool worthy when under the shower Manik gets closer to Nandini hiding her from Kabir. Manik covers her so that Kabir doesn’t spot her. Apart from it Manan’s first hug was not less than a treat for their fans to watch. Both Manik and Nandini finds peace in each other’s arm leaving behind all the enmity. Well, from holi sequence to Manan’s consummation; Manik and Nandini’s romance stole our heart. The passion in their romance undoubtedly makes MANAN; one of the hot and sizzling ITV couple.

The Jodi of Manik and Nandini of MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaarian; have a separate fan base. Fans couldn’t resist themselves form drooling over the couple. In the character of Manik and Nandini; actor Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor is awdorable.

Fans miss the Jodi of Parth and Niti and still trends for the duos as they crave to see them back together. How much you miss PANI, shoot your views in the comment section below. Also share with us your favorite Manik and Nandini’s moment.

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