AmVira or ShivAkti: which couple is your favorite?

The Zee TV fans are excited to watch the upcoming on-screen pair Karan Vohra and Ulka Gupta. The actors will play Aryaman and Jhanvi in the show. The cast is the first thing that catches the eye. Karan and Ulka will soon grace the Main Hoon Saath Tere show. Fans are already looking forward to the on-screen jodi.

AmVira or ShivAkti: which couple is your favorite?

Currently, on Zee TV, Sriti Jha, Arjit Taneja, Arjun Bijlani, and Nikki Sharma’s Jodi are hit. Let’s know more about this ongoing off-screen pair.

Sriti Jha and Arjit Taneja:

Sriti and Arjit are a rocking pair among the audience, as are Virat and Amruta. They are famously known as AMVIRA. The love story of Amruta and Virat is not typical. They fight, come close, separate, and repeat. Amruta and Virat’s hate-love story is popular. Fans are eagerly waiting for the couple’s romance.

AmVira or ShivAkti: which couple is your favorite?

Sriti and Arjit are comfortable on-screen. They share a good rapport off-screen. Sriti and Arjit’s natural chemistry is evident in the show. Be it anger or accidental romance, AMVIRA rocks the viewer’s heart.

Sriti is a brilliant actress. She plays with her expressions and gestures. Arjit matches Sriti’s intensity. Both actors never fail to amaze with their breathtaking performances.

On the story front, the Holi sequence will add drama to the show. Amruta and Virat will get intoxicated. They will confess love for each other in front of everyone.

Arjun Bijlani and Nikki Sharma:

AmVira or ShivAkti: which couple is your favorite?

Show Pyar Ka Pehla Adhyay Shiv Shakti is the story of a couple who stick to each other through thick and thin. The show is high on drama currently. Shiv will be charged with murder. Shakti hatches a plan to save Shiv. Shiv acts mentally retarded. Shakti says Shiv can’t be jailed because of his mental condition.

Arjun and Nikki are a favorite on-screen couple. Their chemistry in the show is powerful. They have the capability to register their names on the iconic couple list.

On the story front, Madira is trying to frame Shiv for organ trafficking. Will Shakti be able to save Shiv? Time will only tell.

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