An unknown man will bring twist in Divya Drishti by helping Divya and Drishti!

Star Plus fantasy show DivyaDrishti is witnessing edge of the seat drama.

We reported earlier, Divya and Drishti killed Pisachini but she somehow managed to return and captured Divya’s body. She entered her body to execute her plan. There, Drishti tries to find out Divyachini’s truth. Drishti comes to know that Pisachini took over Divya’s body. She letter confesses to Pisachini. Pisachini tells her the truth and challenges her to save her sister. Drishti accepts her challenge and tells Pisachini that she can’t take away her sister from her.

Later, Drishti risks her life to find out the mystery behind the man who always comes to help her whenever she is in danger. Drishti burns the kitchen and the mask man comes to rescue her. Drishti ask her to tell who he is. The person goes away after saving her.

Further, Drishti panics and runs after knowing that Pisachini wants a drop of blood. Drishti tells Romi that she wants her one drop blood. Romi ask Drishti to tell everything to Rakshit but Rakshit leaves the place without hearing her. Later, someone throws a dagger and helps Drishti. Drishti stabs Divya and thinks with this she can save their lives but the duo recall their childhood and gets ready to die together. Otherside, Pisachini starts forming again.

The upcoming episode will see edge of the seat drama with Pisachini recovering and telling she just wants drop of blood from Divya Drishti to win the vijayratan. Pisachini gets succeed in getting the bloods but the mystery man will save Divya and Drishti’s life from breaking the bottle of blood.

What next happens in DivyaDrishti and who is the mystery man? Well, the mystery will be unfolded soon so don’t miss watching DivyaDrishti on Star Plus.

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