Anandibaa Aur Emily Weekly Update: Aarav shows his concern towards Emily.

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Star Plus popular daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily is all set to serve the audiences with a high voltage drama, along with the ongoing plot.

This week the storyline showcases Gunjan and Pinky injecting Aarav with truth serum and recorded his confession that he married Emily only to visit America. Gunjan records the video and shows it to Emily. Anandibaa gets elated thinking that Aarav have no feelings for Emily and proclaims that the latter will leave their house after learning the truth.

Here, Emily gets shocked and confronts Aarav. Jaman makes the latter to come out of the effect of the medicine. Whereas, Emily shows the video to Aarav and ask if it’s the truth? He gets dumbstruck and tries to explain it to her but she decides to break their relationship. She catches his lie and gets heartbroken. She talks to Mridula and plans to return back to America.

Aarav determines to stop Emily and starts to understand her feelings for her. He says that he doesn’t love Emily more then his dream to visit America but he have certain feelings for her. Jaman decides to help him to convince Emily, while Lord Krishna also ask Emily to re-think about her decision but she stays focused to do it. She denies to give anymore chance to Aarav and packs her stuffs to leave.

Elsewhere, Anandibaa and Pinky celebrates their victory and the shows their fake concern towards Emily. Whereas, the latter meets all the family members before leaving, while Aarav shows the extended version of the confession to Emily. She becomes shocked seeing him confessing his love towards her in intoxicated state. She realises that he have feelings for her and decides to forgive him.

Aarav apologises to Emily and promises to never hurt her. Whereas, Anandibaa and Gunjan gets sad finding about their reunion. Pinky and Gunjan talks about their ploy while Teni records their confession. He was about to show it to Anandibaa while Gunjan and Pinky gets scared. But, they somehow gets saved and takes the phone from Teni.

Ahead, Anandibaa performs the post-death ritual of Moti Baa and gives food for the crows to eat. Gunjan gets a new idea to throw Emily out of the house and notify it to Pinky. She makes the latter wear scarecrow’s dress and ask her to keep the cries away from there. Anandibaa gets worried as the crows didn’t came to eat the food and recalls Moti Baa’s words. She gets scared talking about ghosts while Emily also gets scared.

Emily reveals about her fear of spirits and Gunjan smirks in order to use it against her. Whereas, she also instigates Anandibaa against Emily and blames the latter for the anger of Moti Baa. She tells thag the latter isn’t happy about Aarav and Emily’s marriage. Whereas, Pinky disguises herself as a ghost upon Gunjan’s instructions and scares Emily.

Later, Emily fears to sleep alone while Aarav helps her and takes her to the terrace. He comforts her and assures that he will always protect her. Meanwhile, in the morning they avoids to come near Anandibaa as she would have scolded them for being together. Whereas, Anandibaa blames Emily for the mishap and ask the latter to leave the house.

Emily determines to win Anandibaa as well as Moti Baa’s heart and also gets motivated by Lord Krishna. Whereas, Pinky keels scaring the house members. Gunjan makes Pinky hide inside the store room, while Emily takes Payal’s help to impress Moti Baa. She goes inside the store room but couldn’t able to see Pinky. She then finds music recordings of Moti Baa and dances to impress the ghost but gets unsuccessful.

Anandibaa scolds Emily and ask her to leave the house while the latter gets shattered. Lord Krishna encourages her and keels her motivated. Whereas, she plans to makes sweet dish for Moti Baa and keeps it inside the store room. Gunjan gets worried about Pinky getting caught but gets saved. Meanwhile, the spirit of Moti Baa accepts the sweet dish. Anandibaa ask for a huge sign to get convinced that Moti Baa’s spirit have actually accepted Emily.

Here, Pinky and Gunjan gets haunted by the spirit while Aarav shows the repaired frame to Anandibaa hanging on the wall. Emily finds about the truth that Jaman relaired it and notified about it to everyone.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anandibaa will take a decision for a couple and proclaims that the girl can’t reject the guy only because he is bald. At that time Emily will come forward and proclaims that the girl have every right to do it, as it’s her choice to marry whomever she wants.

Meanwhile, Gunjan will instigate Anandibaa and says that they should make Aarav bald in order to see what Emily will do after that.

Lot more drama and twists to come in Anandibaa Aur Emily, don’t miss watching the show. Stay tuned with us for more Spoilers, informations and written updates of your favourite shows.