Anandibaa Aur Emily: Will Aarav and Emily gets married?

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Star Plus newly launched daily soap Anandibaa Aur Emily is unravelling lot many dramas with each passing day. The show is making the viewers curious, with its unpredictable storyline. Previously, Gunjan decided to help Emily with a motive to send her back to America. Whereas, Aarav and Emily shared their dreams with one another.

In the Current track, Aarav finds out about Emily’s motive to come to India and assures her that soon she will find her soulmate. Whereas, he also notify her about his dream to visit America. They both thinks that they are so different from each other. Whereas, Gunjan convinces Anandibaa to sign the property papers.

Here, Gunjan reveals her plan to Anandibaa and tells that as soon as Emily will complete the property work of Mridula, she won’t be left with any other reason to stay near Aarav and will have to leave India. She tells Anandibaa that their fear will end, after the departure of Emily.

Anandibaa agrees to Gunjan and signs the papers, whereas the latter calls the lawyer and fix the appointment for registration. She gives the file to Emily and the latter shows her gratitude towards Gunjan. Whereas, the latter confronts Aarav about his feelings towards Emily.

Ahead, Aarav clearifies his intentions and says that he just want to impress Emily in order to visit America. Gunjan thinks about her ploy to keep Aarav and Emily away from each other and ask him to leave her to Jaman’s guesthouse.

Gunjan warns Pinky to be careful in Aarav’s matter, while the latter again disappoints Gunjan. Meanwhile, Aarav and Jaman gets impressed with Emily’s dancing skill and the latter dances with her.

Later, the lawyer gets confused and thought Aarav and Emily to be a married couple. She takes them to the marriage registerer and makes them sign in the papers, while Gunjan finds about it and reaches the court along with Anandibaa in order to stop the wedding.

Now in the upcoming episode, Gunjan will plan a trick for Pinky to impress Anandibaa and Aarav. She will tell that she will keep a fake snake inside Aarav’s room and ask Pinky to get inside his room and scream about snake.

Whereas, Pinky will proceed to do as per Gunjan’s instructions but gets shocked upon seeing the real snake. Gunjan will get confused hearing her sister’s scream and goes towards the room. Everyone will get terrified noticing the snake, while Aarav will get freezed in his place.

Will Aarav and Emily gets close to one a another?

Will Emily find her soulmate?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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