Anant and Gehna finds the real culprit!: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Spoiler: Will Gehna win against Hema and Kanak?

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 has been gaining good trps. Viewers are liking the increasing closeness of Anant and Gehna. In the current track, Hema and Kanak will get letter saying how bad it will be once you are caught. They will think Anant sent him the letters. But later they will see even Anant has got one letter. Anant and Gehna have planned to divide and rule Hema and Kanak to get the truth out. Here, Paresh will say now we need to involve police too. Kanak is chill about it but Hema worries about herself and Sagar as Kanak is over smart and she will get out of the blame and put everything on her and Sagar. Hema will imagine herself in jail and think she needs to tell Jamuna the truth. Kanak will stop her and say she will not let her happen anything. Next day Gehna will say she found the culprit and Anant has gone to call police to trace the location. Police comes and says we have traced the location. Kanak will panic and ask Sagar to change the location. Police will catch Sagar red handed. Kanak and Hema will pretend as if they want to make Sagar go away and request praful to not give him to polive instead they will kick him out. Anant and Gehna are happy.

In the upcoming episodes, Kanak thinks let the couple be happy but that’s just temporary. Kanak plans next move. Here, Jamuna is ready to announce the name of the winner. It will be interesting to watch what this twist will be about? How will Gehna face this challenge? What is Kanak’s next plan? Will Hiral be caught? What is in store for Desai family? How will Anant handle this time? What will Gehna do? With Jamuna announcing the winner, who will win? Will this end the gap brought between Jamuna and Gehna? Will Hiral’s plan fail Gehna? Will Gehna be able to stand upon the new challenge thrown at her? What is Kanak’s new plan to embarrass Gehna? What will Gehna do about competition? Will Hema be successful in her plan? Will Hiral be successful in stealing the money? Will Kanak be able to be succesful? Keep following this space for more.