Anbe: Kuzhali blackmails Saravanan

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Zee’s popular daily soap Anbe Sivam is gearing up for high voltage drama with Anbu and Shivam try to convince Barathi and Iniya who are unhappy with Anbu’s pregnancy news.

Previously it was seen that Anbu and Shivam dicussed about their children’s reaction on Anbu’s pregnancy. They were sad and shocked that Iniya and Barathi weren’t happy with the arrival of new children. They were scared to lose them so they took a hard decision of putting a term to Anbu’s pregnancy. They told about the same to Iniya and Barathi.

Later Anbu informed her gynecologist about her decision. Doctor scolded her and asked for the reason of her decision. Anbu said that their children weren’t happy with her pregnancy. Doctor asked Anbu to bring her children to the hospital. Anbu obliged. Doctor will talk to Iniya and Barathi to change their decision.

In today’s episode it will be seen that Malar meets Saravanan and confronts him. She asks him about his decision of marrying Kushali. Saravanan says that he isn’t a suitable match for her. Malar says that she’s also going to get married to make him feel jealous, but gets disappointed seeing his reaction.

Kushali sees Saravanan and Malar talking. Later Kushali and her grandmother bring a police inspector to blackmail Saravanan. The inspector threatens to arrest Saravanan for kidnapping Kushali and Shivam for hiding his crime.

Saravanan gets scared. Kushali’s grandmother plan to get Saravanan and Kushali secretly in the temple. Saravanan lies to his family and go out to marry Kushali. The latter along with her grandmother leave on the pretext of going to the temple.

Anbu grow suspicious as Saravanan and Kushali were decked up like bride and groom.

What will happen next? Will Anbu stop this wedding?

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