Anbe Shivam: Anbu to throw Kamakshi out of the house

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Zee Tamil daily soap Anbe Sivam is getting interesting with Anbu learning about Kamakshi’s betrayal.

In the previous episodes it was seen that Sivam confronted Aarasi. Sivam asked Aarasi to not hurt Anbu as her enmity is with him. Aarasi said that she got to know that Sivam gets hurt if she harms Anbu, so she won’t leave Anbu hereafter which enraged Sivam. The latter broke a vase out of anger. He warned Aarasi. Other hand After Anbu sold her jewels and mortgaged her land in order to arrange the money. Malar also sold her jewels and gave that money to Anbu to help her. Geeta gave Anbu her savings. Anbu put all the money in the cupboard. As she needed few more lakhs, she decided to sell her car. Anbu, Geeta and Malar left to meet a man for the same purpose. Meanwhile Anbu’s mother in law, Kamakshi, who saw Anbu having lot of money, called Baskar to home and handed him Anbu’s money.

In today’s episode it will be shown that Baskar will meet a broker to buy a second hand car. Unaware of this, Anbu will sell her car to that broker. After Anbu left with Malar and Geeta, Baskar will buy Anbu’s car. Anbu will ask Malar to bring Money from her cupboard. Malar will get shocked not finding the money there and will inform Anbu. Anbu, Geeta and Malar will be clueless where the money has gone. Malar will doubt Kamakshi. Malar will ask Kamakshi if she has given Anbu’s money to Baskar to which Kamakshi will deny it initially, but will confess her betrayal in the end. Anbu will throw Kamakshi out of the house.

What Anbu will do now? How she will come out of this trouble?

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