Anbe Shivam: Kushali meets the groom

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Zee Tamil daily soap Anbe Sivam is gearing up for more drama with Anbu making Kushali jealous.

In the previous episodes it was seen that Kushali asked Anbu where the kids are. Anbu said that they have gone to the temple with their grandparents and they would return only the next day morning. Kushali said that Anbu and Shivam used to say that their kids matter the most for them, but they sent away the same kids for their happiness. Anbu enjoyed to see Kushali burning in jealousy. Anbu said that the kids could causev disturbance. Kushali asked how she can say the kids, who were very important for her, as disturbance. Anbu asked Kushali to close the main gate earlier that day as Shiva returned home earlier today and also so that no one could disturb them. Kushali lied that she’s going out with her grandma and they will return after 10 pm, so can’t close it early. Anbu then said to Kushali to not come to their house as she could disturb their privacy. Kushali looked on annoyed on hearing Anbu.

In the next episode it will be shown that Kushali and Anbu make Kushali feel jealous and shove her out. Later Shivam and Anbu have a talk. Anbu requests Shivam to postpone their nuptial night to which Shivam agrees. In the morning Shivam’s parents and the kids return home. Kushali asks Anbu if she hasn’t gone to work that day to which Anbu says that she didn’t sleep well last night, so she took leave. Kushali burns in jealousy. Later Kushali meets the groom family at Shivam’s house. The groom family questions about Kushali’s marriage has been got called off.

What will happen next? What Kushali is up to? Is this her new plan to get Shivam’s love?

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