Anbe Shivam: Shivam to learn about Anbu’s new job

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Zee Tamil daily soap Anbe Shivam is all set for high voltage drama with Anbu accepting sales girl job.

In the previous episodes it was seen that Anbu and Malar ccomplained to he house owner, who is also Malar’s friend about Sukumaar misbehaving with Malar. The house owner fired Sukumaar. The latter vowed to take revenge on Anbu and Malar. Shivam and his friends hired a cinema artist as Iniya’s mother to get Iniya’s school admission. The artist blabbered the truth in front of the principle. The latter scolded Shivam for lying. Anbu went to see the owner of a garment company company recommended by her autoricshaw driver friend. Anbu refused the job offer when she learned that it’s a sales girl Job. However Anbu decided to take that job considering her poor financial condition. Iniya cried in the middle of the night due to the stomachache. Shivam rushed her to the hospital.

In today’s episode it will be shown that Anbu will hide from Malar that she accepted a sales girl job offer. She lies to Malar that she doesn’t know the location name when Malar will question about her office address. Later Malar will spot Anbu selling sarees on the road and will get shocked. Malar will confront Anbu about the same. Anbu will say that she has to take this job to feed her family. Malar will feel helpless. Anbu will come to Shivam’s house to sell the sarees and will meet Kushali. Shivam will notice Anbu and will feel bad learning seeing working as sales girl. He will give Kushali to buy some sarees in order to help Anbu.

What Sukumaar will do to take his revenge? Will Shivam and Anbu unite?

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