Angad and Sandhya learns a shocking truth in Kawach

Colors TV Kawach is gearing up for high voltage drama with Angad and Sandhya learning a shocking truth.

So far in Colors TV show Kawach we have seen ghosts kill Manoj and Bhairavi.

Angad and Sandhya discover Kapil’s truth. Kapil was an investigating officer. Manoj, Ashutosh and Bhairavi launched a restaurant. The trio planned to claim insurance money and setted the restaurant on the fire and 30 people were killed. Afterwards, Manoj and Ashutosh killed Kapil and his wife, as Kapil was investigating the case and was about to find their truth.

Angad and Sandhya say Kapil and the lady ghost is innocent. And they are taking their revenge on the people by burning them. Later, Sandhya comes to know about her twin sister whom Vinayak has sent away soon after her birth.

Vinayak tells everyone that Sandhya and her twin sister took the birth. Priest told them that the second sister would destroy Sandhya and his family happiness.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Vinayak will tell that Panditji had told him that Sandhya’s sister will ruin her and his lives, so he couldn’t bear that and send her away. The lady ghost will come there and will say that his sin pot is full too.

Otherside, doctor will inform Angad that Sandhya is pregnant which will shock Angad and Sandhya.

So whom child Sandhya is carrying and what is the mystery behind her pregnancy. Well, for all the answers keep watching the show Kawach sat-sun only on colors.

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