Anirudh refuses to marry Saudamini, Saudamini’s another trap for Anirudh: Barrister Babu

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Show Barriaster Babu is gearing up for high voltage drama in the upcoming episode.

In the so far episode it is seen, Sumati learns from Devoleena and Bondita that Anirudh threw her out from the house. Sumati refuses to believe both. She confronts Bondita about the same. She beats Bondita and asks her to reveal what naughtiness she did due to which Anirudh throw her out from the house. She gives her promise to Bondita and asks her. Bondita reveals that Sampoorna’s marriage was about to break because of dowry. She tells Brijvasi’s story to Sumati. She tells thus she lied to Anirudh. Bondita asks Sumati not to tell Anirudh the truth else Sampoorna’s marriage will break with Saurabh. Hearing, Bondita Suamti hugs her. Sundaram and Devoleena stand speechless.

Here, Mini, Bhaumik and Binoy try to force Anirudh to marry Mini. Anirudh refuses for second marriage. The three of them teams up against Anirudh. Mini decides to give more pain to Anirudh so that he says yes for the wedding.

Now in the upcoming episode viewers will see, Devoleena will decide to reveal to the society that Anirudh left Bondita and now she is left girl. She discuss with Sundaram that by this way society will treat Bondita badly and they will manage to save Sampoorna’s wedding too. Later, Bondita will be stopped from attending the wedding. She will be tagged as the left wife. Bondita will ask what does that mean. Lady will throw Bondita out from the wedding place. Anirudh will feel something is not right with Bondita.

It will be interesting to watch, if Anirudh will reach on time to protect Bondita from society’s wrath, time will only tell. Keep watching Barrister Babu mon-fri on Colors channel.

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