Ansh and Pia’s new challenge in Nazar

Star Plus late night supernatural show titled “Nazar” is all set for this new week with twists and turns in the storyline. Well, the story of Nazar is always very interesting and keeps the audience hooked to their seats. The reason why the show and the couple of Ansh and Piya are favorite to many. Well coming to the story of the flick had seen the comeback of Divya, Piya’s mother. Post her comeback, people expected the show to proceed in a positive dimension a bit more but to everyone’s shock, Divya goes and joined hands with Mohana to grab that magical sword from them along with temporal gem. Whereas Piya and Ansh also fetch a plan to make them trapped in their own game.

In the previous episode of the show, we had seen how Divya and Mohona are back in the house in quest of that magical sword. They want to get the sword by any means for them and finally understand that the sword will come to any of the family members only. In tonight’s episode of the show, Divya and Mohana will make some trials to take the sword out of the crystal balls but failed to do so. Even Ansh will ask Piya to take out the sword as she is daivik but even she will be failed to do so. Ansh and Piya will feel odd to think who can lift the sword then?

Later on, the entire housemates will be left shocked to see Adi will lift the sword from the crystal ball. Later Mohana and Divya argues about the rightful owner of the sword and asks Piya and Ansh accordingly to fight for the sword. Here, Naman, Dilruba is dealing with the mani to stop Panna from taking it. For more such updates keep watching this space.