Anuj and Anupama to separate because of Shah’s?: Anupama

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Viewers to see Anuj and Anupama’s first fight after wedding.

In today’s episode, Anuj tells that Kinjal and her baby are safe. Paritosh and Vanraj ask Kinjal if she is fine. Kinjal nods. Ankush asks if everything is fine then why Anupama and Kinjal are crying. Anuj tells that Anupama is crying because of her guilt and Kinjal because of her fear. He explains a mother fear for her children. Anuj asks Anupama and Kinjal to stop crying. Hasmuk too asks both of them to stop crying as everything is fine. Anupama apologize. Vanraj yells and asks Anupama to keep her sorry with her. Anuj asks Vanraj not to raise his voice on Anupama as he can’t bear.

Vanraj accuses Anupama for overlooking her responsibility post becoming Kapadia. He asks Anupama if she can’t take care of Kinjal. Anuj side Anupama and tries to explain to Vanraj that latter isn’t at fault. Vanraj keeps accusing Anupama. Hasmuk interrupts and side Anupama. He says Anupama is not at mistake and all should end the conversation as Kinjal is fine. Kavya too asks Vanraj to calm.

Vanraj says his children or grandchildren will not visit Anupama Anuj Kapadia. Kinjal pleads Vanraj to let her stay with Anupama. Vanraj approves Kinjals request. Anuj asks Paritosh to stay back with Kinjal. Vanraj alerts and says Kinjal should return safely to him by morning. Anupama assures Hasmuk that she will not let anyone down. Vanraj says they can’t trust Anupama anymore.

In the upcoming episode, Barkha will manipulate Anuj. Anuj will restrict Anupama from meeting Shah’s. Anupama will get stubborn. The couple will have a big fight. Anupama and Anuj will get separated because of Shah’s? Keep watching the show to know more.

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