Anuj saves Samar’s life is the highlight of the week: Anupama

We are back with the weekly highlight of your favorite daily “Anupama”. This week drama was high with Anuj meeting Shah’s and saving Samar life. Rohan meet Samar and instigate him against Nandini. He made Samar believe that Nandini was in his contact but lied to him. Samar feels betrayed and gets furious on Nandini. Other side, Kavya gets excited to celebrate her first Janmastmi with Shah’s. Shahs decked up beautifully to celebrate the festival. Nandini worries for Samar and asks Anupama to call him. Samar walks on road and recall Rohan’s word. Here, GK take Anuj to the temple. Anupama call Samar and asks him to come back home as all are waiting for him. Samar refuses to attend the festival. In the meantime, a truck was about to hit Samar and Anuj saves latter. Anupama worry for Samar.

Anuj brings back Samar. Shahs gets thrilled seeing Anuj at their house. Anupama, Vanraj and others thanks Anuj for saving Samar life. Shahs invite Anuj and asks him to attend the puja. Anuj introduces GK to the family. Leela and Kavya gets stunned learning GK is Anuj’s domestic help. Ahead, Kavya asks Anupama to befriend Anuj. Anupama refuses. Anuj and Anupama plays dandiya and Vanraj gets jealous seeing the duo together. Shahs praise Anuj and GK. GK reveals about Anuj’s birthday and Shahs celebrate the day for him too. Anuj gets smitten seeing Anupama. Vanraj gets irked with Shah’s praising Anuj. He talks with Anuj about the warehouse deal. Anuj asks Vanraj and Anupama to come to his office to share their idea.

Kavya gets excited to meet Anuj. She along with Vanraj meet Anuj to share their idea for start-up. Anupama joins the conference later. Towards the end of the week; Anupama too present her idea in front of Anuj. She gives an emotional presentation. Anupama try to convince Anuj that no chef can match the level of perfection a mother can give in the kitchen. She asks Anuj to give employment to the woman who wants to work and talented but not get required recognition. Anuj think his mother keeps the similar thinking. Kavya interrupts Anupama and dislike her idea. Anuj asks Anupama to continue her presentation. Anupama says giving an employment to the housewives than they can save lots of money too.

Anuj says Anupama and Vanraj both shared an unique idea but he needs a time to think upon. Kavya asks Anuj to take his time. Vanraj thanks Anuj for giving them time. They leave the place. Anuj stops Anupama to return her tiffin box. Anupama find her favorite sweet inside the box. She thanks Anuj for refreshing her past memories. Anuj says he remembers everything about her. Anupama thanks Anuj.

There, Samar makes upto Nandini. Both recall their moments and dance romantically on ‘tum se hi din hota hai’ song. Samar apologize to Nandini. Both hugs each other. Ahead, Vanrj confront Anupama why Anuj stopped her. Anupama says to Vanraj that Anuj stopped her to return tiffin box. Vanraj asks if box was kept in locker that he failed to give in front of them. Anupama leave the place.

Here, Nandini and Samar patch up. Kavya praises Anuj and his business skills. He says he is professional and liked their presentation. GK asks Anuj what he thinks whose idea is better. Anuj says Anupamas idea is emotionally good but Vanraj’s idea is practically better. GK says if he will say no to Anupama. Anuj says he will go with the decision of the team. He thinks something.

Other side, Anupama eats imlie. Vanraj sees her. Kavya says Anuj will surely give decision in their favour. Later, Vanraj says to Anupama he is seeing first time someone eating imlie happily. Anupama asks Vanraj to eat too and leave the place.

Anuj discuss with his team about the ideas shared by Kavya and Anupama. GK says he liked Anupama and her idea the most. Here, Kavya and Vanraj says to Anupama her idea was stupid. Anupama asks both to wait for the result.