Anupama 12th October 2021 Written Update: Anupama and Vanraj end their fight

Anupama 12th October 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Vanraj saying Anuj has given Kavya job to belittle him. Kavya asks Vanraj if he actually think to belittle him Anuj needs to plot against him. She add to belittle him Anuj just need to cross his way. Vanraj argues with Kavya. He hurt his hand. Kavya asks Vanraj not to behave like a kid post he refuse to take the first aid. Kavya and Anupama insists Vanraj to apply ointment. Vanraj push Anupama when latter tried to help him. Pakhi see Anupama and Vanraj fight and cries. She slip down the stair. Anupama, Vanraj and Shahs worry for Pakhi.

Vanraj asks Pakhi if there is any injury. Pakhi says her heart is hurt seeing their constant fight from ages. She lose her control and confront them. Pakhi asks Anupama and Vanraj why they keep interfering in each other. She says she is tired of the fight. Pakhi says if Parents are not happy with each other they take divorce. But what kid should do when they get pissed off from their parent. She says she wish to divorce the whole family. Kavya think one or other member keep doing drama in the house. She says good she got a job as atleast she will be out from the house for 10hours.

Pakhi asks Anupama and Vanraj to atleast try not to fight. Anupama and Vanraj apologize to Pakhi and decide to end their fight. Pakhi takes a selfie with Anupama and Vanraj. She says she will not let them forget their promise. Anuj see family picture of Anupama and Vanraj and recalls Pakhi’s word.

Vanraj and Anupama share a talk with each other. They feel guilty for hurting Pakhi. There, Leela and Hasmuk too decide to end their fight and try to change for family sake. Anupama says to Vanraj that she understand him and can never think to destroy him ever. She asks Vanraj to cool down a bit. Anupama asks Vanraj to move on as their relationship is over. She add for their family sake they can end the fight.

Vanraj and Anupama mutually decide not to fight. Later, Anupama apologize to sleeping Pakhi. Ahead, Anupama decides to quit her job for the sake of her children. She inform Anuj about the same. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Pakhi celebrate with Vanraj and Anupama. Nandini inform Anupama that if she will not go back to US than Rohan will kill Samar

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