Anupama 13th September 2021 Written Update: Rakhi provokes Vanraj against Anupama

Anupama 13th September 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anupama saying if Anuj will like the idea than he will take or he will reject. She leave the place. Leela think something. Kavya says to Leela that post Anuj’s entry Anupama has a changed behaviour. She tries to instigate Leela against Anupama but fails. Anupama return Kinjal’s laptop. She says once deal will be done than Anuj’s name will not be taken at the house.

Here, Anuj recall how he failed to propose Anupama 26 years ago. He revealed to GK he met with an accident and was in hospital. Later, he learned from Devika that Anupamas marriage is fixed. He tried to chase Anupama but failed. GK asks Anuj if he doesn’t want to talk with Anupama. Anuj says Anupama is strong enough and doesn’t need a man in her life to grow. He leave the place. GK says 26 years later, time has brought Anuj and Anupama together and now it will decide their destiny.

There, Nandini and Samar dance together. Anupama gets happy seeing both together and advice not to doubt on each other rather keep loving each other. Samar asks Anupama about her meeting with Anuj. Jignesh come and inform Anupama about the café. Anupama gets stun seeing Anuj at the café. Anuj laughs when Anupama address former as ‘shayar kapadia’. Kavya and Vanraj look on, while Anuj relishes eating food prepared by Anupama. Rakhi come to the café and says Anuj and Anupama friendship seems old.

Rakhi instigate Vanraj and says the way Anupama is serving Anuj, she would have never served Vanraj the same way. Anupama asks Anuj to wait until Vanraj and Kavya returns. Rakhi says husband or ex-husband both can’t stand seeing his wife with someone else.

Later, Rakhi meet Anuj and tried to make latter recall their meeting at Chicago. Anuj fails to recognize Rakhi. Kavya tell to Anuj that Rakhi is Kinjal’s mother. Anuj says sorry he failed to recognize Rakhi is Paritosh’s mother-in laugh. Ahead, Vanraj meet Anuj too. He asks about the hospitality. Anuj praise the dish prepared by Anupama. Vanraj says anyone can fall post eating dish prepared by Anupama. Anuj insists to pay. Kavya asks Anuj not to pay. Anupama says Anuj is customer and it is okay if he is paying.

Ahead, Anuj asks Anupama to show her dance academy. Samar stops Anuj. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Partiosh asks Anuj they are glad he saved Samar life. he asks Anuj do not try to introduce himself everywhere. Partiosh asks Anuj to leave. Anuj says to Samar neither he will buy the café nor he will let anyone buy the property.

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