Anupama 14th January 2021 Written Update: Kavya shares her insecurities with Vanraj

Anupama 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Paritosh telling to Shah’s that Vanraj is recovering good. Leela gets happy. Pakhi says Vanraj is fine means she can go for a shopping with him. Samar says she went on her birthday. Pakhi gets adamant to go on a shopping. Leela says that is fine but since Vanraj returned none offered him water. Anupama’s face is shown. Ahead, Pakhi says Vanraj is he recovering good than they can celebrate MakarSankranti grandly. Shah’s gets happy. Pakhi says Vanraj is expert in flaying kite and makes team. Anupama recalls her childhood and says she too will fly kite. Leela asks Anupama she never told in last 25 Years that she knew to fly kite too. She adds earlier all know she can only cook. Vanraj recalls his words towards Anupama.

Anupama tells to Shah’s that from last 25 years she was lost but now want to relive her childhood. Pakhi than asks than Anupama and Vanraj should compete. Anupama and Shah’s stands stun. Later, Samar goes to purchase kites with Nandini. Nandini tell to Samar that she don’t know how to fly kite. Samar says to Nandini he is expert because Anupama is champion in flying kite and he recently learned. Nandini asks Samar who taught him to fly kite. Samar tells Hasmuk and his uncle. Both purchase a kites and shares an eye-lock moment.

There, Anupama checks the kite. Leela come and give Anupama new saree. She asks Anupama to take out Vanraj’s clothes too. She asks Anupama not to argue. Here, Vanraj rethinks Kavya’s word. Kavya shares with Vanraj that if he keeps going back to his house than she fear he will fall for Anupama. Back to reality; Vanraj thinks he come to house because of his children and Parents and not for Anupama. He says he cannot fall for Anupama and recalls his moments with Anupama. Further, Anupama come and says to Vanraj that Leela asks to take out his clothes. She asks Vanraj to choose the color. She adds Kavya told her that he like light colors. Vanraj choose orange color dress. ANupama says to Vanraj but he likes light colors. Vanraj tell Anupama that his choice is changing.

Afterwards, Anupama pray to God in the morning. Shah’s discuss about Kite flying challenge. Leela taunts Kinjal for not making good sweets for Sankranti. Kinjal feels bad post Leela taunts Rakhi. She leaves the place. Other side, Vanraj struggle to wear cloth. He seeks Anupama’s help. ANupama helps Vanraj. Vanraj says thank you to Anupama. Both shares an eye-lock. Vanraj says thank you Anupama for helping him. Anupama leaves the place. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Leela suggest Anupama how to catch kite.

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