Anupama 17th September 2020 Written Update: Anupamaa is humiliated

Anupama 17th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Anupamaa returns all the jewels to Leela. Jayesh gets disappointed with Leela. Leela says the bangles and rings Anupamaa wearing also belongs to her. Anupamaa was about to remove her bangles but Leela stops her saying what others will say if Anupamaa doesn’t even wear gold bangles and rings and tells her to not remove saying she will keep eye on that.

Anupamaa gives Kinjal’s engagement ring and remaining amount to Leela. But Leela denies to take them saying Anupamaa bought that ring by selling her own jewels and she won’t forgive her just because Anupamaa giving that amount to her. Anupamaa says usually Leela keeps all the money with her that’s why she is giving it to her, she doesn’t have any other intention. Leela humiliates her and Anupamaa leaves from there.

Jayesh searches his marriage album and her mother’s diary to know what all jewels she gave it to Leela. He asks her to return all those jewels. Leela shocks hearing him. He says he knows that she too sold those jewels and bought new ones then why she is right but Anupamaa is wrong. He says Leela did for her happiness but Anupamaa did it for her kid’s happiness and leaves from there. Leela stands there speechless.

Nandini asks Samar that is everything okay in his family and says she won’t interfere in his family matters but just wanna know Anupamaa is fine or not. Samar says she was right that day, one should never marry and whenever he sees Anupamaa he thinks there is no bigger problem than marriage.

He says Anupamaa soon will forget her sadness and start to care about others happiness. Nandini cheers him by changing the topic. Vanraj and Kavya argues with each other again because of their difference of opinion. He cut the call angrily which irks her. Anirudh laughs at her saying from when she became weak like this when she used to be independent headstrong woman.

Vanraj blames Anupamaa for all the chaos which happened in their house. Anupamaa says she gave all the jewels to Leela and she didn’t want to make him angry too but she was afraid for Paritosh. She says she did everything thinking about Paritosh and Kinjal’s happiness not for Rakhi

 Vanraj says he already has lot of work pressure in office and here too they are fighting. She apologize to him. She accepts her mistake but her intention was not to hurt him or Leela. She says she will make everything fine in engagement and won’t give any chance for complaint. Someone knocks their house door.

 Samar opens the door and everyone shocks seeing Kavya with wounds on her face and fully drenched in the rain. Kavya runs towards Vanraj and hugs him. She cryingly says she left her house and won’t go back too, will stay with him only in his house. Vanraj breaks the hug and asks Anupamaa to handle Kavya.

 Anupamaa asks what happened to her. Kavya apologize to her and says she should have gone to Nandini’s house. Leela says that’s not a problem now she will take her to Nandini’s house. Anupamaa stops Kavya and says she will stay in this house only which shocks Vanraj and Leela.

She asks Pakhi to bring water and gives it to Kavya. Kavya says she and Anirudh had argument regarding their divorce and he started to beat her that’s why she left the house. Anupamaa says everyone is with so she need not to worry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Leela warns Anupamaa about Kavya. Kavya hugs Vanraj.