Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Update: Hasmukh refuse to return with Leela

Anupama 18th November 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anupama feeding jalebi to Hasmukh. Hasmuk refuse to each. Anupama asks Hasmuk if he wants to eat cream-roll instead of Jalebi. Anuj says he too wants cream roll. Jignesh come and Hasmukh asks if he is here to meet him. Jignesh says he is not here to meet him rather he is here to be with him. He urge Anupama to let him stay as well. Jignesh hugs Hasmukh. He makes everyone laugh when he takes ‘Anuj’s’ name wrongly. Anupama says to Jignesh and Hasmukh that her house belongs only to them. Samar comes with sweet and wish them ‘Happy New Year’. Anuj smile seeing bond between Hasmukh, Samar, Anupama and Jignesh.

Vanraj makes a call to Jignesh. Hasmukh asks Jignesh not to receive a call else he will want to talk with him. He adds if Vanraj will learn what all happened with him than none knows what latter will do. Hasmuk says Vanraj shouldn’t learn about him. Kavya enters the house and says to Hasmuk, Vanraj will not learn anything if he returns back. She adds Leela is here to take Hasmukh. In the flashback, Kavya convince Leela to bring back Hasmuk to avoid Vanraj’s wrath. She says if by apologizing to Hasmuk everything can be fixed than she should do that. Back to reality; Leela and Kavya stare each other. Hasmukh recall Leela’s hard words for him. Anupama holds Hasmukh’s hand. Vanraj makes a call to Kavya and Jignesh. Duo avoid Vanraj’s call. Vanraj decides to return back home as soon as possible.

Leela asks Hasmukh to return back with her. Hasmukh refuse to return with Leela and closes the door. Leela clarifies to Hasmukh that she defamed him out of anger. She adds he left her on the festival day and justifies her anger. Leela bangs the door and says if Anupama will not open the door than she will curse her. Hasmukh alerts Leela not to speak anything against Anupama.

There, Vanraj returns back home and enquires Partiosh, why none is receiving his call. Pratiosh avoid Vanraj’s question. Vanraj cracks Paritosh is hiding something. Here, Hasmukh complaints to Leela that she has shattered him and destroyed everything. He says now he can’t return back home. Leela worries what she will say to Vanraj. Hasmukh asks to tell Vanraj that his father is no more.  

Vanraj asks Partiosh if anything happened behind his back. Paritosh says no. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Vanraj learns about Leela’s deed and refuse to take her inside the house. He vows to bring back Hasmuk. Leela asks Anupama to return Hasmuk to her.

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