Anupama 19th October 2020 Written Update: Kavya discloses Vanraj’s lie to Anupama

Anupama 19th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anupama’s mother saying she is seeing happiness on Anu’s face after ages. Leela says she is saying as if they use to beat Anupamaa. Everyone laughs.  Vanraj thinks about Kavya and says he is sorry that he can’t reach her.  There, Kavya recalls her moments with Vanraj. She gets teary thinking Vanraj has only praises Anupama. Rakhi waits for some drama.

Ahead, Leela and Vanraj’s husband decides to perform a ritual for Anupama. Anirudh tries to alert Nandini but Nandini don’t receive his call. Leela praises Anupama. Kavya recalls Anirudh’s taunt. Anirudh informs her that Vanraj is remarrying Anupma. Back to reality; Kavya walks on the road angrily.

Later, Nandini learns from Anirudh that Kavya learned about Vanraj and Anupama’s marriage and she is heading toward the Vanraj’s house. Nandini worries and share with Paritosh. Paritosh asks her not to worry as Kavya won’t dare to runi the moment. Rakshi notices Paritosh and Nandini talking in secret. She pretedns she didn’t heard anything. Samrath ask Nandini if she is hiding anything. Nandini says no and goes from there.

Further, Kavya reach the house. Anupama prays for family happiness. Priest asks Anupma and Vanraj to take the wedding round. Vanraj stands stunned seeing Kavya. Kavya shows him mangalsutra. Vanraj stands stunned. Leel asks Vanraj to take the wedding round. Vanraj fix his eyes on Kavya. Paritosh thinks where Vanraj is lost. Kavya hide. Vanraj and Anupam’s wedding rounds get completed.

Kavya makes her entry. She informs Anupama that she didn’t reach on time for her wedding ceremony because today it was her marriage too. Kavya says but her wedding didn’t happen. Anupama asks with whom she was about to marry? Paritosh, Nandini, Vanraj stands restless. Kavya says with the same person who just married her. Anupama and everyone stands shocked. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anupama spots Kavya and Vanraj together.