Anupama 21st October 2020 Written Update: Anupama spots Vanraj and Kavya together

Anupama 21st October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anupama standing shocked seeing her losen knot with Vanraj. Haskmuk consoles Anupama and says it is a symbol that from past 25 years she was walking behind Vanraj and now it is a time for her to walk ahead of Vanraj. Anupamaa and others gets smitten hearing Hasmukh. Anupmaa says to Hasmukh he is right. She holds Vanraj’s hand and says tie can loosen but she will never hold his hand. She walks in. Kavya too holds Vanraj’s hand and walks in.

Further, Paritosh says now post wedding function they should perform. Vanraj says he is tired and wants to take some rest. Leela asks Vanraj to go. Vanraj thinks his moment with Kavya. He goes to his room and sees Kavya sitting. He closes the door.

Here, Anupmaa asks Deepika to accompany her to Vanraj’s room as he is having headache and she will take care of her. Rakhi comes and congratulate Anupama. She adds Vanraj know should focus on her than Kavya. Deepika doubts why Rakhi took Kavya’s name. Anupama clears to Dipika that if Vanraj and Kavya would have an affair than why Vanraj would have married her again. Dipika says she has a point. Anupamaa asks Dipika to come with her to Vanraj’s room.

There, Nandini, Paritosh looks for Kavya. Meanwhile, Kavya confronts Vanrah about his betrayal. Vanraj tries to explain her that why he didn’t came to marry her. Furious Kavya asks Vanraj to hold her hand in front of family as know she wants to become her legal wife. Vanraj somehow manages to pacify Kavya. Kavya apologize Vanraj and hugs him.

Later, Anupama heads towards Vanraj’s room. She feels lucky to have Vanraj in her life. Further, Anupama’s earth shaken when she opens the door. She sees Vanraj and Kavya in a compromising position. Vanraj kisses Kavya and gets closer to her. Anupama stands shocked at the door and faints later. Vanraj and Kavya gets scared. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vanraj asks Kavya to leave. Rakhi gets happy.