Anupama 23rd October 2020 Written Update : Anupama behaves odd, Vanraj stands shocked

Anupama 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Vanraj washing his face. He sees Anupama everywhere questioning about his betrayal. Vanraj thinks Anuapama asking him why he betrayed her as she considered him as her God. He stands stressed. Here, Samrath sees Anupama’s picture. Nandini comes to Samarth and pacifies her. Samrath cries and praises Anupama. Nandini asks Samrath not to cry for Anupama’s sake. She asks him to be strong.

There, Paritosh brings milk for Vanraj and asks him to have it because he didn’t have anything since Anupama fainted. He adds if he wants can share talk with him. Meanwhile, Nandini goes to Kavya and tries to confront what happened at Anupama’s house. Here, Vanraj takes Paritosh in his confidence by making a story after Paritosh ask him to tell what happened with Anupama. He tells to Paritosh that when he refused to marry Kavya she decide to destroy him. Vanraj adds Kavya holds his dress and both fall on bed accidentally. At the same time Anupama entered the room and misunderstood him. Vanraj says to Paritosh he knew it he won’t believe him. Paritosh supports Vanraj. Ahead, Vanraj avoids Kavya’s call. He decide to meet Anupama.

Vanraj goes to Anupama’s room. Devika asks Vanraj what he has done with Anupama. In the meantime, Anupama regains her consciousness. She recalls Vanraj and Kavya’s moment and opens her eyes. Vanraj asks Anupama if she is fine. Anupama pushes Vanraj and Devika and tries to escape the house. Samarth, Sweety and Paritosh hold Anupama. Leela asks Samarth, Paritosh to take Anupama to her room. Anupama refuses to go to her room. Sweety asks her to come to her room. Shah’s feels bad seeing Anupama.

Sweety recalls her moments with Anupama, Paritosh and Samarth. She makes Anupama sleep by singing the song ‘Chandaniya Chup Jana Re’. Anupama is scared. Paritosh supports Sweety and Samarth. Leela and others join Sweety and sings for Anupama. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Devika confronts Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama burns her magalsutra.

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