Anupama 25th March 2021 Written Update: Anupama shocks Kavya

Anupama 25th March 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Samar standing at door step. Nandini comes. Samar gets mesmerized seeing Nandini’s beauty. Both compliments each other through eyes. Vanraj come and Pakhi ask him if the rangoli is good. Vanraj compliment Pakhi. He see Nandini and goes to Samar and ask if he hasn’t stopped his love relationship with Nandini.

Samar see Kavya and ask Vanrja if he hasn’t stopped his love angel with Kavya? He adds, he is Anupama’s son but when it comes to love affair he resembles Vanraj. Vanraj stands shocked. Here, Dolly tell to Kinjal and Shah’s how Vanraj fear colors. Vanraj and others laugh. Kavya and Nandini come too. Leela ask Anupama to tell ‘holika dahan’ story. Anupama tells the story of Prahalad. She ends the story saying in the fire of holika one should burn their inner evilness. Leela taunts Kavya. Kavya think she is the one who will let her anger keep burning like the fire.

Anupama light the holikadahan fire. Leela ask Vanraj to burn coconut. Kavya runs and give it to Vanraj. Anupama and Shah’s stands shocked. Pakhi gives coconut to Anupama. Leela signals Anupama to go and share the ritual with Vanraj. Kavya see Pakhi and think once she will enter the house than she will not only teach latter manners but will teach her good lesson.

Leela ask all to do garba. She ask Vanraj to take out coconut from the fire. Vanraj’s hands gets burned. Anupama worry for Vanraj. Kavya comes to check Vanraj’s wound too. Anupama bring ice. Kavya ask Anupama if she don’t have first-air box. Leela says Anupama is enough. She adds at every holi and Diwali she keep first-aid box ready. Kavya see first-aid box and attempts to cure Vanraj. Pakhi takes the box and says she will do. Kavya see Pakhi and says Pakhi is deliberately trying to distance her from Vanraj.

Shah’s dance on mauja hi mauja song. Anupama gets teary seeing family dancing together. Ahead, Anupama looks for her earring. Kavya gives Anupama her earring. Anupama says thank. Kavya accuse Anupama that she is using her children to separate her from Vanraj. Anupama gives a befitting reply to Kavya and says she don’t have to play cards to separate her from Vanraj. She says her one ‘no’ is enough to stop the divorce.

Anupama alert Kavya and ask her not to ruin her last holi at Shah’s. She ask her not to try to snatch her happiness. Pakhi over hear Kavya and Anupama’s talk. She seek Leela’s help. Anupama and Shah’s member share their childhood memories of holi. Leela ask Anupama to play holi like never before. Anupama gets teary hearing Leela. Kavya see Vanraj enjoying with family and think he never laughs whenever he is with her. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Pakhi and Kavya challenge each other.

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