Anupama 26th January 2023 Written Update: Anu gets obsessed with Maaya

Anupama 26th January 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode,  Kavya gets happy to welcome Mohit. Mohit meet Shahs. Leela and Vanraj sit stunned. Kavya says Mohit is not the real surprise and introduces Maaya to Shahs. Vanraj and Leela recall Maaya introducing herself to Anupama, Anuj as Anu’s biological mother. Kavya tells to Shahs that Maaya is successful woman in event world. Maaya says to Kavya that it is unbelievable that she has grown up kids. Leela clears to Maaya that kids belong to Anupama. She adds the Anuj, Anupama were stunned hearing her. Maaya smile at Leela.

Ankush asks Anuj who knocked. Anuj tell a seller. Anu wait for Maaya. Anuj, Anupama asks Anu to get well soon as Maaya will come. Anu says she will automatically get well seeing Maaya. She waits for Maaya. Anupama think more than Anu now she wants to meet Maaya.

Kavya says to Shahs that Maaya and Mohit failed to meet thus she called them at home. She praises Mohit and Maaya for welcoming her in the industry. Kavya thanks Mohit for encouraging her post latter praised former for her hit last performance. Maaya tells to Kavya that Mohit is going to handle her events. She asks Kavya to gear up as she is going to get lots of work. Vanraj sit mum. Maaya gazes at Vanraj and smirks. Paritosh says he too has an interest in events. Mohit and Maaya encourages.

Mohit further demand masala tea for Maaya. Anu asks Anupama if Maaya came. Anupama share with Anuj that she don’t understand why Maaya is late espite she know she has to visit Anu. Anuj says Maaya is playing mind games. Anupama says Maaya should play in front foot. Dimple, Ankush and Barkha talk with each other. They wonder why Anuj, Anupama are restless hearing Maaya’s name.

Leela asks Maaya to talk about her personal life. Maaya says to Leela that she don’t get personal with anyone on the first meeting. She further says she has to visit someone. Leela takes Anupama’s name. Maaya smirk. Maaya takes her leave.

Kavya is confronted about bringing Mohit to the house by Vanraj. Kavya defends herself. She further tells to Shahs that she is going London for an event. Kavya adds like Anupama, Leela and Vanraj can’t stop her from going to London. Leela and Vanraj says Maaya is going to bring storm in Shahs and Kapadia’s house both.

Anu wait for Maaya. Anuj and Anupama asks Anu to stop being stubborn and eat. Anu gets angry on Anupama, Anuj for scolding. She runs on the road. Anupama, Maaya both saves Anu. Anu gets happy seeing Maaya. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Maaya reveals to Anu that she is her biological mother. Anu stands confused.

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