Anupama 26th July 2021 Written Update: Anupama refuses to support Vanraj

Anupama 26th July 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anupama seeing Kavya in the kitchen and walks out. She bumps into Vanraj and ignore him to. Leela and Hasmuk come. Anupama wish them morning. Jignesh come and inform Leela that he is going to café. Leela asks Jignesh what he will do going first to the café. Jignesh says he will look after the café and will make birds and butterflies from the tissues. Samar asks Jignesh to take café keys. Jignesh says he already have. Leela asks Paritosh when Kinjal will return. Paritosh replies, Kinjal wanted to come but he stopped her so that she can live in peace. Anupama replies, also Rakhi can teach Kinjal the pros of staying at penthouse. Paritosh leave the breakfast. Vanraj asks Partiosh to have breakfast. Paritosh replies he is good.

Ahead, Leela says she will leave for café too as she needs to teach chef a dish. She adds Anupama will accompany her too. Anupama says that she will not go to the café. Vanraj asks to Anupama if she is still upset about last night. Anupama replies she has to go and give home service to her customers. She adds from now on she will only focus on her academy as other members are there to look after the café. Kavya interrupts and asks Vanraj not to worry as she will be with him and life doesn’t stop if someone leaves. Anupama leaves the place. She further learns café has lots of customers. Vanraj, Kavya and Shah’s gets happy and leave for the café. Anupama recall her moments with Shah’s.

Other side, a girl out there refuses to eat keto burger prepared by Kavya, and demand Vanraj to bring burger prepared by Anupama. Kavya think don’t know why everyone like Anupama. Afterwards, girl decide to move out from the café, post Vanraj fails to fulfil her demands. She was about to leave the café with her friends when Leela enters the place with keto burger.

Vanraj and Kavya think Anupama saved the day. Kavya says if Anupama wanted to help than why she was doing drama. Leela than reveals to Kavya and Vanraj that inspite being angry, Anupama teach her how to prepare burger, as she was well-aware keto burger girl will visit surely. Hasmuk gets impressed with Anupama’s kindness.

Further, Samar thanks Anupama. In the meantime, Rakhi pays her surprise visit at the café. Vanraj asks Rakhi if she is here to do drama again. Rakhi think she will break Shah’s so that it gets easy to pull Kinjal out from the house. She reveal to Vanraj that customers at his café arrived because of her. Shah’s stand shocked. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Rakhi pays Vanraj. Vanraj refuses to take the money. Kavya takes the money and says café can’t run feeding everyone for free. Rakhi think along with relationship she will also break café.

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