Anupama 26th September 2020 Written Update: Kavya scolds Samar for his immature behavior

Anupama 26th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shah family gets happy that they find the ring. Leela runs behind Samar to see the right but he says now Kinjal directly will see the ring on engagement day. Anupamaa says betrayal is betrayal it’s small or big that doesn’t matter.

Kamini apologize to her saying she did big mistake and pleads her to forgive her. Anupamaa says Kamini needs to apologize for sure but not to her. Kamini gets afraid and pleads her to not inform about it to Leela. Anupamaa says she is not talking about Leela and calls Jilmil. Jilmil comes there with Gudiya.

Kamini asks Anupamaa wants her to apologize to Jilmil seeing her strong glare she apologize to Jilmil for her mistake. Jilmil says no need to apologize and emotionally looks at Anupamaa. Anupamaa asks why Samar not showing the ring to Leela when she is chasing him to see the ring. She puts the ring on the box and gives it to Leela. Leela says Anupamaa can’t handle the ring so she will guard it from now on. Samar says original diamond is Anupamaa, she is so cool.

Nandini gives french fries to Samar saying it’s a treat from her side to celebrate that they find the ring. He asks why she is not cooking and always eating food from outside. She says she doesn’t know cooking. He gets shock hearing her. She says no one teach her so she doesn’t know. He says she doesn’t know cooking but loves eating that he can say by seeing her. Samar says he knows cooking, he learned from Anupamaa.

Vanraj informs Kavya about the meeting through video call. Kavya says they should do the meeting at room because in hall others may disturb them. Anupamaa says elders won’t understand that and tells him to do meeting in hall only and no one will disturb him. Vanraj agrees with her and goes to take his laptop. Anupamaa explains Kavya that why she stopped them. Vanraj starts his meeting with the client.

Samar comes there and calls Anupamaa loudly without noticing Vanraj. Kavya tells Samar about the meeting. Samar apologize to her saying he didn’t noticed it. Anupamaa says topic closed. Kavya says even if there is no meeting going on he should not shout like this and it’s a bad manners. Anupamaa says his mother is there to teach him a manners, Kavya need not to worry about that.

Vanraj finishes his meeting and yells at Samar. Samar apologize to him saying he was not aware of his meeting. Vanraj says he never saw books on his hand always going behind that stupid dance. Samar says he wants to learn dance. Vanraj says dance is profession it’s just a hobby. Samar says for him dance is his life. Vanraj asks what Samar knows about life, he saw the life so Samar should stop running behind his useless dream. Samar asks him to not stop him from pursuing his dream if he can’t help him then.

Kavya scolds Samar and asks why he is talking like this with Vanraj. She asks Vanraj why he is forcing Samar if he doesn’t want to study. Anupamaa stops Kavya saying it’s between a father and son, if she wants as a mother/wife she can interfere but Kavya doesn’t have any rights to interfere. Vanraj says Anupamaa is right no one has the right interfere. Samar apologize to Vanraj for disappointing him again and again but he can’t leave his dance.

Anupamaa wants to stitch Paritosh’s engagement sherwani from her saree which gifted by Vanraj when she was pregnant. But Paritosh doesn’t seem happy hearing her. She says she knows that he would like to wear designer clothes for his engagement but if he wears this she will be happy. He nods at her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kavya tries to wear Anupamaa’s nuptial chain but Vanraj snatches it from her and yells at her.