Anupama 29th September 2020 Written Update: Kinjal’s prank startles everyone

Anupama 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vanraj says ladies taking a lot of time to get ready and they have to reach the engagement venue on time. Leela says Jayesh and her brother already reached the venue even though she told them to wait for her and says Anupamaa still getting ready and tells Vanraj to inform the photographer about her.

Kavya comes out wearing the gown , smiles at Vanraj but he ignores her and calls Anupamaa. Kavya gets irritated with this and thinks she will make sure that he keep calling her only not Anupamaa because he belongs to her. Anupamaa gets shy when Vanraj compliments her. Vanraj asks her about Paritosh and he comes out. Leela says Paritosh looking good.

Anupamaa tells Pakhi that nothing will happen seeing her worried face. Anupamaa tells Jilmil to stay with Pakhi all the time and in hurry she drops Paritosh’s engagement dress in house itself. Nandini tells Samar that everyone left without her and asks him to give lift to her. He shocks hearing her and they leaves for the venue. Shah family reaches engagement venue. Samar tells Pakhi to not think about anything.

Anupamaa praises the decorations and venue, Kavya interrupts her saying Rakhi may not like these all thinking it’s not upto their standards. Vanraj doesn’t let her say anything more and goes from there. Rakhi and Vanraj indirectly mocks each other. Anupamaa welcomes Rakhi and Rakhi thinks Anupamaa will regret today for her decisions. She asks her about Kinjal and Pramod.

Rakhi tells her that they went to salon so she reached the venue first. Leela asks Rakhi’s opinion about the decorations. Rakhi says nice decorations but hall seems smaller than her house’s hall but they will adjust. Anupamaa says happiness should be big and gets happy seeing her family. She introduces them to Rakhi. Rakhi says Anupamaa’s mother looks so simple, she thought Anupamaa meeting some servant. Leela takes stand for Anupamaa’s mother and mocks Rakhi.

Pramod comes there and says Kinjal run away from the engagement leaving this letter. Paritosh takes the letter from him and shocks reading that. Anupamaa asks what’s written there. Kinjal comes there and Rakhi says it was just a prank. Vanraj and Anupamaa shows their disappointment and shouts at them for laughing on this serious issue.

Kinjal apologize to them. Then Anupamaa and Vanraj starts to smile saying they were also just joking. Kinjal praises their chemistry and says their understanding is awesome that without planning they pranked others also without talking to each other. Anupamaa says they don’t need to talk to each other to understand other’s feelings which irks Kavya. Leela and Jayesh gets emotional for Paritosh’s engagement.

Anupamaa starts the pooja and says from today Paritosh and Kinjal’s new beginning starts. She says husband and wife relationship is such a valuable one and they should not wait for others to apologize during their fights. Pakhi tells Anupamaa that Sid messaged her again that he will come there. Anupamaa says let him come she will deal with him in her way. Before engagement dance performance begins and everyone enjoys it. Rakhi waits for a reason to destroy their happiness.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sid reaches the engagement venue which shocks Pakhi.