Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Pakhi accuses Anupama

Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Anupama says to Rakhi that they will fight until last. Rakhi asks Anupama until when she will fight for Shah’s pride. Anupama says until they get tired. Kavya find Anupama nuts. Vanraj support Anupama and asks Rakhi to leave. Rakhi says to Anupama and Vanraj that attitude is not going to work. She was about to defame Shah’s again. Anupama asks Rakhi to throw taunt some other day what if they will need her for the money. Rakhi leave the place.

Hasmuk apologize to Anupama and feel guilty for not able to help them to pay the tax amount. Anupama and Vanraj both asks Hasmuk not to feel guilty and boosts him up. Jignesh cries and says he just started to work but not lucky enough to earn and eat. Anupama asks Jignesh not to worry. Vanraj and Anupama asks Shah’s not to worry as they will not lose until last. They both decide to pay the tax amount b hook or crook.

There, Paritosh leave the place angrily. Kinjal asks Paritosh about his behaviour. Partiosh shows his displeasure with the Shah’s. He screams he wants to breathe fresh as feels suffocated at the house. Anupama over hears Paritosh’s talk and gets upset. Kavya goes to Vanraj and demand him to come out for an outing. She says she feels suffocated at the house. Vanraj gets ready to go out. Pakhi comes and asks Kavya to help her in doing dance practice, as she doesn’t want to lose the competition. Kavya tells to Pakhi that she is going out with Vanraj. She asks Pakhi to practice alone and she will check her later. Anupama over hear Pakhi and Kavya’s talk. Pakhi see Anupama and says she doesn’t need her help either. Anupama walks out. Pakhi says she don’t need Kavya and Anupama both.

Ahead, Nandini and Samar worry about paying land tax. Anupama come and asks Samar not to worry. She further asks Nandini to go and check upon Pakhi’s practice. Samar asks Anupama why she is still thinking about Pakhi. Anupama replies because she is her mother. Nandini agree to meet Pakhi but fear how latter will react. Further, Anupama asks Samar to talk with Paritosh as he is getting adamant to move out from the house. Samar refuses. Anupama makes Samar understand.

Kavya and Vanraj talk with their friends. Vanraj discuss about getting loan. Kavya’s friend asks her to start applying for jobs. Other side, when Nandini tries to help Pakhi. Pakhi behaves rudely with Nandini. A heated debate explodes between Nandini and Pakhi. Kinjal and Samar side Nandini, while Paritosh side Pakhi. Anupama cries seeing the fight. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Kavya gets furious on Vanraj for talking about loan. She feels guilty taking Vanraj to her friends. There, Anupama tries to fix Pakhi’s dress. Pakhi stops Anupama from touching her dress.

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