Anupama 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Anupama warns Kavya

Anupama 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kavya threating Anupama to send Shah’s to the jail for mentally harassing her. She asks her to come back soon. Anupama gets irked hearing Kavya. Rakhi says entertainment is at its peak. She adds she fear if entertainment will be overloaded. Here, Anupama says to Advait to take her back to the resort. She tells him about missing Vanraj. Anupama calls Samar. Kavya takes the mobile from Samar thinking it is Vanraj. Anupama asks Kavya to give mobile to Samar. Kavya hangs up the call. Anupama asks Advait to take her fast.

Other side, Kavya accuses Shah’s for hiding Vanraj. She threatens them to send jail for harassing her. Samar gets angry hearing Kavya. Paritosh control Samar. Kavya says to Leela that if Vanraj will not come back than she will not spare anyone. She threatens to call police. Anupama comes back and asks Kavya to make a call. Kavya says to Anupama that she is serious in calling police. Rakhi says now it will be a fun to watch Anupama and Kavya.

Anupama says to Kavya that if she is hesitating in calling police than she will make a call in her be-half. Kavya says to Anupama that once police will come than she will send Shah’s for harassing her and provoking her for suicide. Anupama says to Kavya that if she will call police and will make a case than she too will make a complaint for breaking her wedding, mentally torturing her daughter and attempting suicide. She adds whole Shah’s will give statement against her. Anupama says including Vanraj. Kavya yells at Anupama and accuses her for instigating Vanraj and hiding him. Samar asks Kavya why she is shouting. Advait asks Anupama to calm down as her health is down. Anupama asks Advait a time.

Samar asks Kavya not to shout. Kavya asks Samar not to speak with her else she will slap him. Anupama gets angry on Kavya for threating Samar in front of her. She asks Kavya if she dare to touch Samar. Kavya about to slap Samar. Anupama holds Kavya’s hand and warns her if ever she dare to misbehave with her family.

In the meantime, Vanraj calls n Anupama’s mobile. He tries to speak with Anupama. Anupama asks Vanraj to come back to the resort as because of him, her family is suffering. Kavya snatches the mobile to talk with Vanraj but latter hang up. Leela says to Kavya Vanraj isn’t interested in talking with her. Rakhi says what if Vanraj will not come back. Advait asks all to wait for a while. Vanraj come back. Anupama, Kavya and Leela confront Vanraj about escaping from the place.

Vanraj stands speechless. Kavya asks Vanraj to marry her without wasting more time. Vanrja refuses to marry Kavya. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anupama asks Vanraj to marry Kavya and over the matter for once and all. Vanraj takes wedding round with Kavya

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