Anupama 4th February 2022 Written Update: Vanraj’s master plan

Anupama 4th February 2022 Written Update on

In today’s episode; Vanraj says to Malvika that for Anuj’s happiness she keeps following his order. He instigate Malvika against Anuj and says in their relationship latter is dominant. Anuj alerts Vanraj for commenting on his relationship with Malvika. Vanraj says to Malvika that she can do anything for Anuj but latter can’t do anything for her. Anupama stops Anuj from arguing with Vanraj. Malvika claims that Anuj can do anything for her. Anuj side Malvika. Vanraj asks Malvika if she has so much faith in Anuj that like the way Anuj asked her to break her partnership with him than same way will he will break his tie with Anupama if she asks. Anuj asks Vanraj not to manipulate Malvika. Vanraj claim Anuj and Malvika’s relationship is one way.

Anupama claim that Vanraj is behaving like a child whose chocolate has fallen thus he wants others chocolate to fall too. Vanraj accuse Anupama for ruining his life. He says to Malvika that Anupama and Anuj are very smart. Vanraj accuse Anupama for avenging him because he has given her divorce. He further think he won’t spare anyone who will try to block his way. Shahs stands stunned.

Anuj thanks Malvika for siding him. He says they don’t need to give any prove to people like Vanraj. Malvika stands mum. Seeing Malvika mum, Anupama think if former got influenced by Vanraj. There, Shahs’ learn that Malvika break her partnership with Vanraj. Hasmuk accuse Vanraj. Leela side Vanraj. Vanraj think only Malvika can stop his game to get over. He waits for her reaction.

Malvika gets manipulated by Vanraj. She question Anuj for always snatching her happiness be it Akshay or Vanraj. Malvika asks Anuj if for her sake he will leave Anupama. Anuj stands mum. Malvika tells to Anuj that this time she will not listen to her. Anupama support Anuj.

Malvika send voice note to Vanraj and apologize him for Anuj’s behaviour. Vanraj gets happy and instigate Malvika against Anupama. He asks her not to fight with Anuj for him. Kavya congratulate Vanraj for playing games. Vanraj says he will achieve his goal by hook or crook.

Later, Anupama and Anuj recall Vanraj and Malvika’s accusation and cries. Anupama decide to back out. Anuj sit stunned.

Precap: Anuj asks Anupama to support his decision. Hasmuk asks Vanraj not to go to the office. Vanraj refuse to listen to Hasmuk. He asks Malvika if she had a talk with Anuj. Malvika nods yes. Vanraj ask what Anuj said. Malvika says unthinkable. Vanraj stand shocked

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